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    Fentanyl help 
    Hi everyone i know i'm asking a very difficult question to answer but i'll try:
    i'm a very experienced psychonaut,with no addiction and stuff like that.
    i'm very experienced with tryptamine,amphetamines,methampetamines,phenethylamines,benzos and some opiods.
    I'll try to give you the most informations about me so you can give me a good advice:to get high i usually take:
    20mg oxycodone oral
    3/4 mg hydromorphone oral
    0,6/0,8 buprenorphine oral
    20mg hydrocodone oral
    10mg methadone oral
    250 mg tramadol oral
    300mg codeine oral
    200/250 mg dihydrocodeine oral
    20mg morphine oral
    That's my opioids experience,i take them always without tolerance.
    now:i want to try fentanyl(oral,sublingual and stuff like that,not iv or transdermal).i found there are actiq lollipops and fentora tablets(don't know if there are others oral products)
    Can anyone give me a serious first time oral fentanyl dosage for a non tolerant user(but experienced with opiates and well informed about all the risks about fent)
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    Sublingual is where you want to start as I believe oral has low bioavailability. I think it's closer to 25 ug or 0.025 mg. You need to learn volumetric dosing. Check the prescribed sublingual pill to get a better answer.
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    You're gonna die if you try. Don't do it. 25 micrograms might be okay. Youd have to dissolve a LOT in some kind of alcohol or acid and measure out a mcg/ml. probably 10:1 is the best. Then take 1ml sublingually every 10 minutes.
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    I forgot to add prepare it wearing gloves, a mask, and no skin contact possible. Prepare on tinfoil in a space with a solid floor. Clean any spill thoroughly as it can kill someone.

    Volumetric dosing is easy, but working with fentanyl is not. You're honestly better off tossing it after labeling hazard on it.
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    What kind of product do you think is the best for this purpose?don't wanna use the powder since is too hard to work with
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