Thread: What's the best way to deal with "pick" marks

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    What's the best way to deal with "pick" marks 
    I recently didn't a little too much speed and I ended up picking a few spots on my arm. They look kinda bad. Any advice for speeding up treatment and ways to hide them?
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    Interesting to see you have joined us way back, and considering you haven't posted a lot about you I assume you could be talking about something serious. Idk, it's difficult to say without looking but shooting up many times in your arm can do a lot of harm. If you are worried about looks you can easily hide it by using make up or by wearing long sleeves. However, on a more serious note, if you by any chance think this may turn into an infection or if the spot feels hot or more different than usual I'd suggest you to go to an ER and see a doctor.
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    Do you mean you have locations on your arm where you did damage with a needle while trying to IV or you were constantly picking at your arms with your fingers?
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    A scabs a scab, there are a few things that allow it to heal more healthily/without scarring too bad, but besides keeping it clean there's not a lot you can do.

    I'd focus on coming up with a decent story or excuse.. If someone doesn't know u well, tell them you have eczema or the like. If they do know you well, odds are the scabs aren't the sole indicator for your habit.

    Good luck, and for future advice, find a fidget toy to keep you distracted so you don't pick yourself. Could help.
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    Leave them alone and sleep. The more you sleep the more your body can heal them. Vitamin E makes it heal faster
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