Thread: Regular Vyvanse user, Adderall has no effect?

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    Regular Vyvanse user, Adderall has no effect? 
    I take 70 to 140mg of Vyvanse daily. I came across some generic 30mg Adderall, mallinckrodt brand.

    This morning I skipped my Vyvanse and took an Adderall. After 3 hours it still felt as though I hadn't taken anything. No effects physical or mental, positive or negative. I figured I'd at least get an increase in heart rate.

    I realize my tolerance is probably a bit high, though it's only been about 2 weeks taking the Vyvanse, 70 mg and 140mg every other day. Prior to that I had gone a week or so with no stims, and that's been my monthly cycle for the past 3 months.

    Do you think it could just be a dosage issue? Or could the Adderall really not be as effective as the Vyvanse in my case? Everything I've read indicates the opposite is true.

    Anyway, I got 28 of the Adderall left. If u were in my shoes, what would you do? Try again after a few days with no stims? Double the dose tomorrow morning? Get rid of them and count my blessings? Mix with ketchup and put it on my burgers?

    Thanks for the insight!
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    Take one a day and read something.
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    You're probably familiar with some of the basics, but aside from the fact that there is a small difference in active substances between these two drugs, tolerance to both should be totally interchangeable. Lisdexamphetamine is just a prodrug for the delivery for Dextroamphetamine and the conversion between the two is approximately such : 1mg Dextroamphetamine is equivalent to roughly 3mg Lisdexamphetamine.

    Adderall and its generics are composed of 75% Dextroamphetamine/25% Levoamphetamine in any given volume. From here, you should be able to easily deduce the appropriate dosage and if for some reason, even after taking into account the timed-release of Lisdedxamphetamine, you still notice diminished effects, it would be worth making totally sure that youre drugs are legitimate.
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    Absolutely! The lack of results wad pretty surprising to me, knowing that 70mg Vyvanse would be equal to 23mg dextroAMP... Taking 30mg of 'adderall' should be just like feeling all the dextroAMP-equivalent in my Vyvanse 70mg at once.

    I've seen quite a few anecdotes online about how this brand of generic is ineffective, but it's been on the market long enough for any serious problem to be resolved (one would think).

    How would you go about ensuring the authenticity of your meds?
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