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    Commercial grade current batches all drugs 
    Commercial grade weed hdryo and bush?
    Commercial grade LSD what's around?
    Commercial grade MDMA import how much ounces sell for?
    Commercial grade meth local vs import prices
    Why? Curiosity understanding the market the supply chain see what's around and what is hard to get

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    This post isn't allowed here. Have a read of the rules above.

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    As Verybuffed has pointed out, this thread is not allowed; we don't permit price discussion or availability discussion. For this reason, I am closing this thread, and I have unapproved your post in the meth thread because it breaches the prohibition on availability discussion. Since you are new here I will let this slide, however, I ask that you peruse both the Australian Drug Discussion Forum Guidelines and the Bluelight User Agreement before posting further. Further breaches will result in disciplinary action.

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