Thread: Side effects from meth?

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    Side effects from meth? 
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    I seem to always have swelling in my lower calves and feet when I smoke meth. Does anyone else have that type of symptom? I only smoke it.
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    Sounds like a circulation issue, since one of the effects of meth (and other stimulants) is to constrict the blood vessels. But I'm no expert - it's probably worth checking with an open minded doctor, if you can find one.
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    Yes I sometimes get swollen ankles. Mainly my right foot and a bit of an ache in that leg also. Oh and my right foot gets much colder than my left.
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    Yeah - not me personally - but back when I was using meth a lot and was hanging out with others doing the same, I knew a few people who'd swell right up. I agree that it's probably a blood-circulation issue.
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