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    Running a drug? 
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    Could running be considered a drug?
    I just went for a run and when I was running my legs couldn't stop moving it was like I was peaking you know how you can't stop moving when you're peaking?

    Yeah, that's how I felt. I felt amazing! It was incredible!

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    no, running is exercise.
    "is mayonnaise an instrument"
    ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
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    ^^ Haha ^^

    I have heard that people can get addicted to exercise - personally its never been an issue for me though

    Found this link and thought it was interesting

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    Personally I started running earlier this year and although it is not a drug the feeling of 165+ heart rate and the drive to keep going through the chaos associated with that type of excursion is great. It's not a high as much as a meditation thing, focusing on the next burst of speed setting small goals like "your going faster after that tree" etc

    The high comes from accomplishing the task. It's like crack as I mostly look forward to it parts of me don't but I force myself to do it because after all that it feels great.

    Not a drug but you don't feel more alive then when your heart is beating in your head and all you can do is breath involuntarily fast almost feeling sick. Best thing ever. (Former junkie crack smoker)

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    There are endogenous (within) and exogenous (without) Opioids, with their only defining characteristics truly being where they originate from. Morphine swallowed will produce roughly the same chemical reaction as other pleasurable activities like sex, eating foods high in fat/sugar and intense physical activity. The primary difference is that we can "activate" Morphine at will and at any dosage we wish. It's all the same really.

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    I replaced a moderately heavy crystal meth habit with exercise, 15 years ago. It saved my life. I never looked back. Daily exercise (including rest) for 6 weeks will get you "hooked". If you can stick to it for 6 weeks, you will notice that you aren't quite yourself after a few days of no exercise. I'm a bigger fan of compound movements and weightlifting (I use kettlebells) rather than running, but running is a great high too. Not a drug.

    And this says nothing about the benefits that society grants to people with an impressive physique. It's almost unfair how much more attention and opportunity an attractive person gets. You can do a lot to make yourself more attractive -- exercise is where it starts.
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