Thread: what are some of the newer ssri' on the market? lexapro? sertraline?

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    what are some of the newer ssri' on the market? lexapro? sertraline? 
    what are some the newer ssri's on the market with less side effects?
    is lexpro known to have more less side effects than sertraline ? iv seen a lot of people saying the weight gain is bad on sertraline and the first month can be hell.. I know this varies but there is common side effects with each drug and I'm just tryna find out what these are and of course which of the two (Lexapro and sertraline) has less or your experiences with either drug. thanks
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    I don't know much about ssri's but I'm pretty sure those two have been around at least since the 90's, probably older but I'm not sure.

    I believe sertraline is one of the more benign ssri's in the sense that it doesn't cause as many side effects in the general population. It was the first ssri I was prescribed and many other people I know as well.

    If you are considering these drugs it'd be better to talk to your doctor about which one would be best for you. I'm the sure the people on site will try to help but it's just a question better suited for a doctor.
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    Setraline was the first SSRI i was prescribed but i couldnt take the side effects. I had immediate side effects of a foggy head that was unbearable. The urgent care doctor prescribed those to me. I then visited a psychiatrist and was changed to lexapro. First week was hell tho cause it did make me worse before i got better. The side effects for me the doctor said i might feel some upset stomachs and the doctor was right on the money. Upset stomach, bowel movements change, i did gain some weight. Discomfort in the stomach area is what i experienced and it sometimes triggered my anxiety. Getting tapered off tho. Went from 10mg to 7.5 to 5 and now 2.5
    It changes for most people obviously. If you havent ever been on medication youre gonna get put on setraline more than likely. Its really a hit or miss ive heard with these medications. Good luck on your first couple of weeks tho.
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    ^ Sertraline gave me an upset stomach too. I didn't take it that long and my doctor switched me over to Lexapro. Its effects were similar even when I broke them in half. Another bothersome symptom I had was feeling really tired but if I tried to take a nap, found myself unable to sleep. Trintellix is one of the newer SSRI's but I haven't tried this one yet. I'm going to move this over to Mental health and others can share their experiences. I hope you can find the right fit.
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