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    2nd Experience with DMT 
    So this is my 2nd Trip on DMT. My guy charges around $20 a hit. Last time we got 2. Loaded it into a small bong with some weed. 2 factors with this one.

    1. I think the water kind of took some out of the hit.
    2. The weed made it harder to hold in, and I think it kind of altered my experience.

    Normal heart rate, slight visuals, definitely more than my LSD experiences. I sat there and tripped for about 5 minutes. Came down. And I was good.

    My 2nd experience. INSANE.

    I gave him $40 for another 2 hits. This time he gave us almost a 3rd more though. So I loaded a little more than I had on my last trip. Which was about 1/4 of this bag he gave us. I added tobacco to make it easier to hit. But my gf dropped a little on the tray, so I scraped it into a little pile, took the bump, and hit the bowl. I had a good but in the bowl too. I grabbed my phone and started the timer. About 5 seconds onto the timer, my body had am INSANE rush. My body was tingling on every inch. I could literally feel my pupils widen. The floor started just spreding out from where I was sitting. I could feel every blood cell in my veins move through my body. I then almost freaked out. I was screaming at my GF "This is insane. This is so fucking intense and crazy. Oh my god." I then stared at the ground trying to control my breathing. Then I thought I had pissed myself. My body was so relaxed I thought I did it on accident. Then, I felt like I was having a heart attack. So I jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I didnt piss myself. And no heart attack. But my mind tricked me into thinking that because everything hit me so fast it worried me. Like I held it in for 25 seconds. But at about 10 seconds of holding it I was balls deep in my trip. Crazy as shit but it was fun.
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    Did you use a pipe instead of a bong for your second experience? You're right that you'll lose some to a bong.

    Were you using the timer to time your inhale or? Was it just one inhale? If you can do three in a row you're more likely to have a breakthrough experience

    When you say you 'took the bump', do you mean to say that you took some intranasally? afaik insufflation is pretty much completely inactive so don't bother if that happens again, try to get it in the bowl.

    Also no price discussion
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    If you are legitimately paying $20 per hit then you need to find a new ?guy?
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    Yeah that's way too much.... Anyone who charges money for DMT like that is pure evil
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    Nasal dmt is not inactive in fact it works without an maoi it just burns worse than most anything to the point it is not worth it
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