Thread: ADHD Tabs, Elvanse, 100mg - Intermediate - A surprisingly uplifting trip!

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    ADHD Tabs, Elvanse, 100mg - Intermediate - A surprisingly uplifting trip! 
    Hello, thought I should share my trip report with you all because it wasn't what I expected! I will give you a little background info. I am prescribed as follows- Elvanse 50mg (ADHD), Quetiapine 100mg (Anxiety), Promethazine 50mg (Sleep). All medications usually taken daily and as prescribed. I have occasions where I would take a little extra Quetiapine, ranging from anywhere between 200mg and 800mg. I have been using drugs since the age of 14 and have a lot of experience with various different drugs, ranging from cannabis and legal highs, aerosols and solvents (not the proudest moments of my life), to meth, MDMA MAMA and LSD. I am not as regular a user as I used to be. I stopped drugs and alcohol for over 6 months on many occasions. I have control over the drugs and do not let them control me. I am not addicted to any (except my own prescription) drugs.

    I'll start with the report ? It started off with a huge fall out and break up with who is now my ex-girlfriend. I was feeling pretty low and as depressed as I have been in a long time. I quit using anti-depressants over a year ago and haven't looked back. Although tonight I have felt lower than I ever did when I needed them. I felt a huge urge for a stimulant (MDMA would have been preferred). I was craving the love buzz and the rush. I decided I would try some of my ADHD tablets (Elvanse). I have taken these before for a recreational purpose, but this was years ago and would have been a lower dosage. I understand they contain Lisdexamphetamine which is a stimulant drug and produces a somewhat similar high to MDMA. I have always doubted the credibility of this. From experience it gave me a more aware and awake type of high, but this was at a much lower dose.

    Anyways it started here.
    Times are only estimates.

    Sniffed 100mg of Lisdexamphetamine (Elvanse). It tasted very sweet, almost sugary, but still a bad chemical burn feel to my throat.

    Feeling slightly buzzed. Feeling the urge to move and become active. Warm feeling in my chest.

    Very talkative via Facebook to friends, feeling a strong high arising but still not peaking.

    Have reached the peak, my initial depressed state had been completely overtook by a euphoric love buzz. Talking to multiple people at once and suddenly having a really good time in the confines of my own bedroom.

    Started rambling in a group chat about the prize money in a pool league I play in. Actually opened my eyes up a little to why the prize is £2,350 less than our average tournament ?

    Started to dance a little, with no music. Just with the songs playing in my own head. Decided to go for a smoke. Started sending videos to friends of me literally doing nothing but standing nodding my head in a dance-like manner.

    Ate a couple of chocolates after my smoke, appetite was not good. Decided to play music so found a pair of headphones. Very euphoric and enjoyable high so far.

    Jaw becomes a little painful. High is still strong and very apparent.

    Doing a little research on trip reports of lisdexamphetamine. Was extremely surprised to see that a heavy dose was classed as 100mg. Also extremely surprised that effects last for 10-14 hours.

    Surprised at the time and shocked that I wasn't even a tiny bit tired. Talking to some mates about drugs and the dangers. Still typing fast and having around 20 conversations at once.

    Still peaking and surprised how good the high is. Music sounded great and was really pleased with my night. I then realise realised I need to be awake early so I took 200mg Quetiapine and 100mg Promethazine.

    Foolishly sent a photo of myself to the women who I broke up with, of me sniffing the line and wrote under it "Doing great without you, btw you smell like a beef pot noodle" childish i know..

    Quetiapine has strangely not made much of an effect. It has calmed the high a little bit and brought on some come down effects. These include dehydration, restlessness and a slightly lazier mood.

    I decided to write this because I was shocked at how similar the high was to MDMA. I have an extremely sore jaw and am still experiencing some major euphoric effects. Quetiapine has made me a little tired and a little bit drowsy. But not as much as 100mg would normally make me at this sort of time.

    I hope you enjoyed the report, would be interested to hear an opinion on it and would love to know if you have had any similar experiences that you were a little perspemistic about at first but turned out to be more than expected too.


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    quetiapine for anxiety? wtf

    this is a diabetes inducing anitpsychotic.

    how anxious do you get? amphetamines make people anxious...
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    Thanks for sharing. Elvanse is the same thing as Vyvanse from what I googled. My friend and his bandmates all take that stuff a lot for shows. Personally I haven't tried it, only Adderall (which is more potent and shorter acting). I like it quite a lot though.
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    Not very.. i’ve been on it for years now and I’m still not getting answers as to why I am prescribed such a powerful drug for something so juvenile
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    Took another 100mg tonight. It gives a nice buzz but it is not anywhere near as good as mdma or meth. Still better than sober though!
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