Thread: METHADONE therapy treatment, Malaysians please come forward

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    METHADONE therapy treatment, Malaysians please come forward 
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    I'm trying to get in touch with people in Malaysia who are on the Methadone program.

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    I read that original post/thread and its terrible. A person who posted some dodgy ass youtube video's and a couple of "addicts" claims as a basis that methadone is unsafe compared to suboxone.

    I've been on both for maintenance and find that they have their pro's and con's. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but these powerful drugs allow you to go all day and night without becoming violently ill from "withdrawals".

    So what is your point and why do you want to find people on the Malaysian methadone program? On a side note the program seems to be quite successful;

    There were significant reductions in opioid use, HIV risk-taking score (p < 0.01), social functioning (p < 0.01), crime (p < 0.01), and health (p < 0.01). However, there were significant improvements in quality of life in the physical, psychological, social, and environmental domains.
    Malaysia seems to be a strange country, with even Mosques and prisons providing methadone to patients. If only the rest of Asia could change its brutal approach to addicts like Malaysia has.
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    Lady Ice i sent you a PM as i have a few things to discuss with you.

    Perhaps you didn't notice my message in your inbox but if you get a chance to read it and response i would be most thankful.
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