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    Ecstasy in Indonesia 
    I have taken ecstasy in indonesia in several clubs and cities. They come with varying symbols - nike , superman etc. They however feel a lot stronger than what we get in other countries - malaysia / US. Does anyone else have same feeling? I did check on pillreports about these but the effect seems to be much stronger than what i read in forums. The effects also stay for a longer time - sometimes even a day.
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    When I was in Java years ago some expatriates and locals told me it was not rare for meth to be added into pills. A housemate of mine used to "enjoy" yaba/shabu (don't know if they still call it that) on some weekends and would be up for a couple of days usually. Whatever he took was sold in clubs as ecstasy. He would come home and be in an actual psychotic state, drinking, screaming, arguing with himself in two distinct voices, and breaking bottles in the house until he passed out. We got along really well most of the time but he scared me at times.

    I also met and had a drink with a guy from Adelaide named Graham who, as far as I know, is still in prison in Medan for meth possession.

    Those are two of the good reasons why I didn't and never would take drugs in Indonesia.

    Great country to travel in, though.
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    Totally agree on the drug laws and its getting even scarier nowadays with cops pounding on all the major places there. I had tried in batam and jakarta when I had a local to guide me through. Probably will never take it there

    From what I was told shabu is different from ecstasy by my friend. When I took it there, I get the same effect as ecstasy at other places, but really strong hit. More euphoric feeling.
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