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    MDMA + 2C-B + 4-HO-MiPT + weed - Experienced - Walking through hell 
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    Hi all,
    This first try to write a trip report, and it’s a humble attempt to describe what happened to me last saturday night, excuse me for my poor english.

    first let’s start with some basic infos about me:
    Male, 43 years old with diabetes type 1 well controlled, I do sport 4 to 5 times a week, 1m77 for 75 Kg, and generally in a very good shape.

    Background about drugs:
    **Very sensitive to weed and don’t really like the high it gives, unless I’m on MDMA, otherwise it often gives me anxiety, and in general I found smoking a joint more powerful in the headspace than say 200 mic of acid ! so I smoke weed less than one time a month and only while rolling.

    **1plsd, Ald52, Eth-Lad, Al-Lad: more than 40 times, up to 200 mic in one dose, and up to 450 mic in several takes. Standard dose: 150 mic

    **4Ho-Mipt: more than 10 times, up to 70 mg in a single dose and up to 100 mg in several takes, standard dose: 50 mg

    **5Meo-Mipt: maybe 8 times: up to 24 mg in a single dose, standard dose: 16 mg

    **2C-B: more than 8 times: max dose: 40 mg in a single dose, standard dose 32 mg

    **MDMA: more than 40 times, max dose 1g in 5 takes, standard dose: 450 mg in 3 takes

    Tolerance before this trip: I tripped every WE for the last 3 months, had a break for 15 days then done 300 mic of Al-LAD 7 days before this trip.

    The trip:

    The plan was to roll on mdma first, so I took a pill at 3 afternoon, another at 6 and the last at 9, then began to smoke a really good weed at 11 and at 1h30 my wife goes to bed and I took 35 mg 2cb with 50 mg 4ho-Mipt at the same time then go back to my living room and smoked 75 % of a joint while watching a comedy in the tv.. 10 min after dosing I felt that it's coming bizarrely strong.. ‘cause the headspace was like in the peak of 150 mic Ald52 ! I knew that I have still 80 min of coming up so i told myself: hang on boy this will be a fucking wild trip..20 min after dosing I was waaaay fucked up than any experience that i had in the past, thinking straight was more and more difficult I freaked out and had the idea to take a Xanax but decide against it and worked my way alone to calm myself and it succeeded..

    // Notion of time was lost in what follow.. there are just estimations //

    Maybe 15 min after i found myself not being able to understand the actors on the tv ( they spook my mother tongue! ) and i had like 2 or 3 time when my brain wasn't in this word.. but also not in a specific place.. or thinking about anything.. like my brain was paralysed .. enable to think about anything.. I make an enormous effort to get out of this situation.. when I succeeded I started to freak out for the second time cause I felt that I'm losing my mind.. I had so little memories about anything.. I get up and measure my blood sugar in a brief period of sobriety that is like in 200 min of acid.. found a good glycemia and eat 2 big yogurts to maintain my glycemia high enough for the whole duration of the trip, because I knew it would be impossible to manage my blood sugar if the headspace gets worse.. after that I returned to my living room.. and start to feel my body very.. very heavy.. like if I weight 150 kg.. then my brain zap again.. this time I couldn't see.. neither hear.. my memories start to fade again.. wasn't able to remember my last think.. i knew then that my ego was dissolving.. no it doesn't feel like dissolving.. it feels like dying ! So I freaked out again and decide that there is absolutely no way I can handle this.. I stand up and walk to the kitchen looking for Xanax.. my body feels heavier and heavier.. was able to find a small bag where I had put some Xanax.. opened the bag and didn't found it..then I forgot why I had this bag in my hand and zap again.. then I remembered that I have to take Xanax.. it was on my hand and I didn’t know it ! Then I forgot why I had xanax on my hands.. for what purpose ? .. I don't know how much time I forgot then I remembered that I have to take Xanax.. maybe 5 or 6 times.. I was just dumb as hell.. same things happened while I was trying to full a cup of water to drink the pill of Xanax.

    Comparatively to what will follow all that u had read until now is a baby game..The real hell start now :
    I don't know after taking Xanax if i have back to my living room or not.. but for sure I found myself in the middle of my house enable to stand up or to walk straight.. I was forced to move on my leg and arms ( like a baby) and I felt noo i didn't felt.. I KNEW that i'm dying !.. I mean physically dying.. death was coming to me from everywhere.. I breath like I was running and at the same time i was suffocating..I was feeling like I have to take a huge shit and that I have to piss and I have to throw up.. all this felt very strong and at the same time..I felt nausea.. I felt that my blood pressure is damn low.. I felt very dizzy.. all the house was spinning very fast ( keep in mind that all those sensations was felt the strongest way in my life and at the same time !!) .. at this time i had ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT IT WAS THE END AND I'M DYING!.. I moved (lying on my belly) to the bathroom.. was trying to find some water or be able to puke.. when I get there i died maybe 15 times.. every time was with different way.. i remember being deed by heart attack.. by brain shut up and the most awful slaughtered like a sheep.. it was not thoughts about these ways of dying.. it was LIVING THOSE WAY OF DYING.. I felt them exactly like if they really happened..I even saw my blood exploding in the bathroom when i was slaughtered and it was fucking real.. I swear those feelings are able to let any guy take a gun and shoot his head ‘cause it will be a real relief!! in the same time i was hoping for the Xanax to kick.. not to end this.. but just to die with less fear.. then I wasn't able to move any more.. barely able to move my fingers..I was lying on my belly in the middle of the bathroom.. unable to call for help.. My eyes closed despite me and I was gone..absolutely certain it was the last moment of my life...

    I don't have a fucking idea how much time had passed before I woke up.. found myself swimming in my sweat..I was wet like if i had been in a shower with my clothes.. I remember the first seconds when I woke up..before opening my eyes.. I was In a very colorful and static word full with PEACE ! That's all I remember ! opening my eyes gives me a very blurry image of the door of the bathroom.. I felt really really happy when I found that I didn't die.. some time passed before I was able to move on my feet and arms to reach the kitchen..I felt better and better I think because of Xanax.. I layed on the floor in the kitchen for some time.. maybe 5 min.. then stand up with difficult and took another xanax.. 15 min after, the trip was still the strongest of my life but manageable..I even smoked some weed when I was able to understand what is time at 5h20 morning.. which bring back the same sensations like I'm about to die.. but much weaker.. and it was somehow easy to ignore them...fucking weed !!

    So that’s my story..I know now i will never ever smoke weed on a psychedelic.. and I will be very careful next time when doing new combination of drugs !

    What was that guys? a panic attack ? ego death? both? low blood pressure? something else? I will really appreciate any idea that can explain what happened to me.
    Thanks for reading

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    Do NEVER take cannabinoids with 4-HO-MiPT! EVER! I've made the same mistake myself the first time. The psychonauts wiki page on 4-HO-MiPT even warns about this exact thing, this interaction is absolutely head-breaking. In my experience cannabis is like a violent ejection from 4-HO-MiPT, ALL the negative side-effects kick in immediately. Do not do this. Under ANY circumstances.Everything you've reported falls comfortably into possible negative effects of 4-HO-MiPT and even though I personally never experienced visions of myself dying I can absolutely believe that you have, because that's how 4-HO-MiPT works. Memory loss is also something that happened to me, at one point I had to struggle to remember what is it that I actually took, where I was and how I got there. Ego death is also something that happens regularly on 4-HO-MiPT on high dosages I hear.It would be maybe useful to know a bit more about your background, because your mind-state and surroundings can heavily affect your trip, but I would bet 5$ that the actual culprit of your bad trip was weed especially if as you reported it affects you very strongly, since it seems we've had similar experiences with the combination. A pattern is starting to emerge here.

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    Interesting !...can you please provide more infos about your experience? doses used? tolerence ...etc.
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    psst: Didn't found where psychonautwiki speak about the combination weed/4ho-mipt..
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    At that time I took a single 30mg pill and after several hours of intense high I smoked a herb mixture which wasn't solely cannabis but included cannabis plus some opioids with two of my close friends. It was maybe 3 puffs and that was enough to send me flying through space and time. I have virtually no tolerance for psychedelics since I only recently started experimenting with drugs and reportedly my tolerance for psychoactive substances of any kind is exceedingly low. To the point where cigarettes get me high for a brief moment and I have to take half the dosage for an adult man of my size of sleep pills, otherwise I'll be out of commission for 24 hours so you can comfortably double or triple all the numbers I write about where it concerns you.Edit: I actually can't find the part of the article on 4-HO-MiPT where it talks about the effects of mixing different substances but I'm pretty sure I've read that people have reported negative reactions after mixing the drug with cannabis. This is actually why I even remembered that that was a thing- after I had my terrible trip we were wondering with friends what could have caused that and we all remembered that it got ugly immediately after smoking weed. Why I was effected and my friends weren't is probably because one of them only took 15mg of 4-HO-MiPT so it was already wearing off by the time we smoked and my other friend was only taking HEXEN so all cannabis would do is weaken the speed down a bit. I later went on psychonauts wiki searching for answers to my terrible experience and I found out that indeed you're not supposed to mix cannabis with 4-HO-MiPT. But like I said, I can't find the thing now, so there's a possibility I am miss-remembering something about the whole ordeal. My general assumption after all this is that 4-HO-MiPT just doesn't like to be mixed.
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    Hey Korrit, thanks for taking the time to write up your experience and share it with us. For the record, I would not have suspected that you were not a native English speaker had you not said anything.

    First of all, let me just clear something up. I have smoked cannabis on every single psychedelic I have ever taken, including 4-HO-MiPT, multiple times. There is nothing different about it compared to any of the others in this way. 4-HO-MiPT is simply a psychedelic that already has the potential to go mentally very deep, and so smoking cannabis on it will help bring that out, but it does so in a way that is broadly comparable, in my experience, to any other already mentally deep psychedelic, like LSD, when used in combination. The mixture of psychedelics and cannabis is very powerful no matter which substance you use, and therefore caution should be taken by anyone who is either new to either or both or who gets anxiety very easily from cannabis, as that can readily color a psychedelic trip as a result. However, when the combination is treated right and the user is able to not become anxious, it can also be incredibly euphoric and mind-blowingly trippy; personally, I never take a psychedelic without also using cannabis anymore, and haven't more than a few times in the last several years at least, because the psychedelic-cannabis blend is my favorite altered state of mind to be in, so much so that I'm really not even interested in psychedelics without cannabis anymore. I even used to get panic attacks from cannabis myself, and had a good few trips ruined that way too, but kept pushing through anyway because I liked the positive effects that much, and after a while of regular use I just stopped freaking out from cannabis anymore, and now it's just been smooth sailing with the combination for years, other than some body load potential like headaches from smoking too much. Just some food for thought.

    As for this particular experience... what happened is that you took a high dosage of five different drugs! What did you think was gonna happen? To start out, you took three doses, I'm assuming 450 mg total from what you said, of MDMA throughout the day, and then smoked cannabis while coming down. I don't know what level of effects you normally get from this, though I can relate to cannabis being much easier to smoke in that state, but for the record, doing this, specifically smoking cannabis while coming down from a roll, can cause delirium comparable to anticholinergic drugs, but with a slightly more psychedelic twist. I have seen it many, many, many times... and also purposefully experienced it myself quite a few times. MDMA makes me trip harder, especially visually, than almost any psychedelic when taken at a high enough dosage, just in a mostly convincgly real and dream-like way rather than a psychedelic way, where you will constantly forget where you are, what you're doing, and who you're with, and flash through all kinds of random imaginary scenes of hanging out with old friends or doing things around your house and such. Even if you were not far out enough to be getting effects like this at this point in the experiencne, it's notable that the state you were in was at least the one that leads to this, so just a less intense version of it, and that could definitely be enough to color the effects of the psychedelics, making them more delirious and dream-like as well. Then, you took two different psychedelics at once, of different types, in decently high dosages... and continued to smoke cannabis with them, even though you have professed that you don't like it much and it often gives you anxiety, which could lead to the kind of situation I mentioned above. Finally, you took a bunch of alprazolam to help you calm down, which quite honestly probably just made you even more disoriented and lowered your blood pressure, as at the level of tripping you were at there probably wasn't any non-blackout dose of a benzo you could take to fully stop it, and for the record it is possible to be totally barred out and tripping balls at the same time; I have seen someone on mushrooms for their first time also having taking a large dosage of alprazolam and forgetting what was going on or even that they were tripping every couple seconds for hours, and they were miserable.

    So, yes.... I would say you likely experienced all those things together. A strong psychedelic state caused by mixing two psychedelics and cannabis, but then also some anxious dissociation from the cannabis to cause a panic attack, on top of some delirium and confusion and probably pumping up the death simulations from the MDMA, and then more disorientation and possibly low blood pressure from the alprazolam. So, I would agree, in the future you should probably be more cautious when it comes to new drug combinations! But at least nothing too bad became of it.

    That's my perspective anyway, hope it helps. And thanks again for sharing.
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    Found it!'s under interactions for psilocin, the active substance which 4-HO-MiPT mimics. As you can see taking psychedelic shrooms with cannabis is usually a bad idea.
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    It only says that it should be taken with extreme caution, which is true. Experienced users of both psychedelics and cannabis will likely not have much of a problem with it. I love the combination personally, I would never take mushrooms without cannabis.
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    Hey Kaleida, thank you ! I'm glad someone like you took the time to analyse all this ... about Xanax i took only 2 pills (0.5 mg each) spaced by eeuuh maybe 35 min, I must say i have zero tolerence to benzo, I ordered my Xanax just to be here in such bad situation while tripping, and it's the first time i used them.. I also learned something : I didn't know that alprazolam lower the blood pressure... About smoking cannabis on a psychedelic, this time was the 4th time, 2 of them was on Acid and took only a very very small amont and gives me fear and paranoya but was manageable by changing the setting, the 3th time I smoked tons of weed while on a 4th pill of mdma that I took with 90 mg of 4HO-Mipt (this dose was split on two, spaced by 35 min) I felt very dumb and had 3d visual for the first time but didn't felt any negative feeling.. it was that last experience that makes me feel confortable to smoke weed on this horrific trip !... and generally I found that mdma took away any anxiety and that's why i like to smoke weed on it (mainly on the comedown) I found the headspace just fantastic ! never had any issue smoking weed while on mdma... @FromBeyond: it seems you are like me, not made to be high on weed.. run !
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    Yeah, I myself learned that having these "eject-button" drugs on hand during a bad trip is a smart move. In essence... Be careful about mixing things! I mean all this stuff is to this day hardly researched.Then again, for the record, as horrible my own experience with mixing 4-HO-MiPT with cannabis was... I kind of want to go that deep again. It's frightening and weird but at the end of it it can be strangely relaxing, amplified by the effects of drugs. I feel it's ALWAYS important not to throw caution in the wind, have anchors around you and have enough willpower and wherewithal to remember that this is just a trip and it WILL go away. It can be difficult, but if you can calm yourself down and remind yourself that it's just a matter of time (even if it is diluted to the point of feeling like eons are passing by) your brain will adjust.You know, take a moment to just think of flexibility, love and trust. Accept you're a part of a cosmic whole and even the worst trip can transform into an esoteric experience.
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