Thread: Oxycodone - First Time Plugging - To Plug or Not to plug....

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    Oxycodone - First Time Plugging - To Plug or Not to plug.... 
    Wanted to report on my first plugging experience with a Oxy 30mg (blue, MBox, little guy) whatever you want to call them. First choice of dosing has always been via snorting with eating 2nd. Well, after much hesitation and contemplating it, I decided to try pluging one. I had no idea what I was doing until I read several "tutorials" which was weird on its own...anyways, I picked up the smallest syringe I could find at my local drug store, got home crushed that blue into powder mixing it in enough water to dissolve the little guy. The next part I wont go into much detail but it involved getting into the doggy style position to ready myself for rectum insertion lol. I slid that pen size device into me bum and let her go. It took a couple of times before the water and substance was gone but only took a matter of a few minutes. Now to all you skeptical of the results please LISTEN. Usually it would take 2 or 3 30mg snorted for me even to feel anything but about 20 minutes after plugging this ONE 30mg I had a very noticble EUPHORIC buzz which i havent had in a long time from opiates due to my tolerance and sub use. It was fantastic!! I had the nod and everything! So i highly recommend giving this a try if your looking at other ways of injesting or dont seem to get that feeling you did when you first started taking opiates, you know what Im talking about!. So Im giving plugging a A++! Cheers

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    Plugging is the closest to IV you'll get without IV'ing.. Bypasses the liver and gets absorbed in the bloodstream fairly quickly
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