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    Weird new kratom strain 
    I'm experienced with kratom. I've been taking it off and on for the better part of four years. It usually always relaxes me, puts me in a good mood and gives me energy. Red Indonesian and green Malay are my favorite strains. I also take white Indonesian. Yesterday for the third time I tried the white Borneo. The white Borneo is a very weird strain. The first time I took it last week I took my regular dose, 1 tsp, 5ml of the powder tossed back, on an empty stomach. The first twenty minutes I felt an energy rush and felt excited because I thought it was another good find. Thirty minutes in I start to feel weirdly numb. My emotions were gone but I wasn't relaxed, I was a stimulated numb. Not a good mix. After an hour I start to feel insanely dysphoric. It put me through hell. Then for the next nine hours I was in a really weird, off mood. I felt absolutely awful. It was kind of terrifying to be honest.

    Second time I cautiously took just under half of what I did the first time, so half a t-spoon, assuming I took way too much the first time. Same thing happened only it was shorter lived. I ended up feeling terrible.

    Third time, yesterday I took another full t-spoon, this time with a meal in my stomach instead of on an empty stomach. I actually felt good for the first 45 mins to an hour after dosing and then the complete emotional numbness came back. Its not a good kind of numbness, its utter lifelessness. I was very uneasy, agitated and dysphoric. Basically from what I've experienced taking this weird new strain that just came in the mail last week puts me in an unwanted headspace.

    I gave some to my cousin the day after delivery. He takes kratom daily. He likes the red Borneo. He said when he took this he had suicidal thoughts. I'm not going to take anymore of this. Quite frankly this doesn't feel anything like any of the other strains of kratom I've tried, and I've taken at least eight different strains not including this white Borneo throughout the years. My cousin even suggested there might be chemicals or even other drugs in this batch. Either that or the alkaloid combination of this particular strain did not agree with us at all.
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    crazy i would throw it away.

    sounds like it could be covered in some sort of poison from the farmers or dumbing of chemicals in the fields
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    I sent it back. They couldn't give me a full refund. It is nothing like any other kratom strains. I've had dysphoria spells from other strains but that only happens when dose every 3-4 hours for days at a time, without giving it proper time to come down. When I use in moderation it does its job well. The dysphoria moods I've had from my other strains have been very occasionally and not as intense. This white Borneo stuff punches your soul in the groin. I'm wondering if its just this particular bag that has something weird or if its just all white boreneo in general.

    My cousin has gotten weird strains from time to time. He loves the red Boreno and green Sumatra. Once he ordered 5 kilos worth of green Sumatra and said the stuff was completely bunk. He was in withdrawal within two hours after dosing. Its like the alkaloid content was low enough to just tease instead of help, aggravating withdrawal symptoms.
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