Thread: Salvia (40x)+Big hit - First Time - Demons unleashed.

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    Salvia (40x)+Big hit - First Time - Demons unleashed. 
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    Im new here and this is my first trip report.
    Substance: Salvia,(spice)?
    Dose: 40x
    Experience lvl:New to hallucinations

    I've done the majority of drugs (-) all the hallucinations and Research chems. Anyways I decided it was about time to start experimenting, so i bought online what said a gram of "777 instence 420 summit" what they claim is salvia d for incence.

    Around 4 weeks later i got the suprise in the mail, as soon as I saw the package i hit up friends and started trippen. I recieved 3 grams somehow and started likeing the full blown expirence less an oh my fuck for some reason I get way higher on that shit then most of my friends,anyways I've been doing it for about a week this point on and off and I decided I wanted all my friends to experience the full thing...

    Setting:At the river, lots of sand and trees.
    Myself(not long-term experienced)
    'Tom'(As long as me)
    'Bob'(First timer)
    It was around 2 pm and we were just fucking around and smoking some high quality Mj and my friend Tom and i decided to get Bob fucked up. Bob was verry exited and determined to get the full expirence...So I packed pipe full of 40x salvia d then i torched his bowl (informing him to hold in as long as possible.) As he exhaled he fell on back off log and started laughing uncontrollably while he was getting fucked i torched Toms hit(who pussied out and exhaled early) while it seemed to still hit him on the exhaled I
    loaded the bowl and torched a little, wanting to see friends trip. I still got Verry disoriented and lacked most motor control...

    When i started to realize i was about to loose reality i got scared all of the sudden as I bacame aware of Bob growling violently while Tom laughed near by...I felt like yelling "watch out!" But somthing wouldn't let me form the words. Out of nowhere Bob gets all motor skills back and charged at Tom and srarted choking him screaming deeply, Sadly this wasn't part of the this was all real , and since im still high as fuck i have to watch this happen for atleast a couple minutes (being too fucked up to think of doing anything) I felt incapable of moving untill i heard a scream from Tom who is much more sober and freaking out, I felt a instant glow of urgency and attempted to pull of Bob but after around 5 mins I decided i wasnt going to watch my homie die, so i started hitting his back and head untill Bob loosened grip and finally Tom was free ,Tom ran as fast as he could...I hovered over my other homie who then started head banging his fist and face into sand , I was in tears and yelled at him(Been about 15-20 mins! Why is he still so FUCKED? I always pass out when i get on his level!!)he wasn't breaking out of it and once he started growling towrds me i fucking booked it to high hevin!

    Eventuality I saw Tom and caught up, He had minor cuts and bruises on face/neck but was more scared shitless, And my ass just got outta lockup so I started emptying all pockets of this possible Drug induced suicide and attempt of murder drug and other illegal shit! After another 10 mins Tom and I were more mentally stable and I stated ima go back for Bob (both thinking he's possibly dead) i was freaking the fuck out because it's all my fault! Surprisingly Tom came along (considering what he just been through) and we found him finally sane. He puked his guts out and was soo soo dirty ,sand and dirt all over hoodie, face , hands/arms it was bad... when he saw us he asked if it was real? and what happened? And said he was "possessed"... after I explained what the fuck happened he got so sorry and felt so bad, Tom and bob were good with each other and Tom only had minor bleeding , brusing ,and surprising that's all? No one died? No prison? Thank you lord!

    Oh my fuck, salvia is the craziest shit I've smoked...for some reason every time I "brakethrough" My trip might start out diffrent but always...and i mean every fuckin time i will eventually go to the same trip every time it just gets more intense every trip!

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    Salvia trips are always some of the most interesting to read about. I've never broken through on salvia myself, but I've had some really interesting sub-breakthrough experiences. It sounds like such a wild and terrifying time. One day I'll dive deep with salvia.

    Thanks for sharing, nice report.
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    You / friends should ALWAYS have a sober trip-sitter on hand, just for this very reason and who will NEVER leave the person alone, who is still under the influence.
    ALWAYS on first times / possibly even on subsequent times, if using larger doses. My God.
    Anything could have happened.

    I'm glad you are all okay n that Bob didn't (?) wander off and assault a bystander.
    Be careful!
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