Thread: Propylhexedrine (250mg) - First Time - Benzedrex Worked

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    Propylhexedrine (250mg) - First Time - Benzedrex Worked 
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    I soaked a cotton rod from an inhaler in a cup of Pibb, and I let it sit for around 20 minutes. The rod still felt oily when I pulled it out of the mixture, but I got at least most of it. I didn't feel like waiting the full 24 hours for it to all soak into the beverage. The soda didn't taste very good, and it had a strong menthol/lavender taste. However, it was nowhere near as harsh as when I attempted to lick the cotton rod to get some of the residual oils that didn't soak in. Obviously, I was not going to eat the cotton, but I considered chewing it and spitting out the cotton to get the residual oils...... but the taste was truly atrocious.

    T-0:15- I feel some slight effects, but it's somewhat minor.

    T-0:20- For a brief moment, I feel strong tingly sensations and am feeling some fairly strong effects that are difficult to describe. Not like adderall as some have compared it to though.

    T-0:30- I drink some more of the beverage, but that brief sensation had passed. I feel mild, vague stimulation and wonder whether or not it is really working.

    T-1:00- I decide to finish off the mixture. I am feeling quite calm and relaxed and having some interesting daydreams. My mind is all over the place in one sense, yet I also feel focused on what I was working on. It's a very enjoyable feeling to say the least.

    T-2:00- The effects have increased significantly, and I'm really enjoying listening to music. I feel much calmer than I generally do on adderall, and my senses are heightened. Especially my hearing.

    T-2:30- The effects are quite strong at this point. This is around when I peaked. As time passes, the effect changes somewhat from the calm waves of energy to a more jittery, yet also focused state of mind.

    T-4:00- I feel quite sociable and talkative at this point, which is different than how I usually get from adderall, which can sometimes make me somewhat less sociable than without it (depending on dosage). The effects are relatively strong at this point.

    T-6:00- I am feeling quite jittery, but I'm also rather focused. Much more so than normally, and I am feeling exceptionally motivated.

    T-7:00- I take melatonin as it is getting late, and I remain in the same mindset as before at first.

    T-8:00- I go to sleep briefly.

    T-12:00- I wake up again, and even though the effects have pretty much worn off despite having essentially woken up in the night I have an unusual amount of energy and am unsure whether or not I will get back to sleep. I'm still in a fairly good mood, and I still am feeling some positive lingering after-effects from the stuff.

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    A great fun over the counter drug. Wish it was available in my country.
    i found the cotton in lemon juice for 45 mins seemed to extract all the goodness, no need to wait overnight.

    A lovely fun drug, but certainly a bit grubby too.
    Thanks for TR
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