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    Intense indica high 
    I got a new strain called god's gift. I read it was 90% indica dominant or something. I was reluctant to try it because usually I prefer sativa dominant strains. Sour-diesel is one of my favorites. This had a nice darkish green with lots of interesting colors, including dark purple, lighter hints of green and even some gray hairs. It smelled pungent and fruity. I smoked three smallish hits and was literally glued to the floor after. It was really, really intense with both head and body.

    I sat cross legged on my floor, leaning against my wall and I was too lazy to move for the first 45 mins to an hour. My whole body felt really weird, heavy and sort of numb, almost like being drunk. My head was definitely in the clouds too. I couldn't stay awake for more then ten seconds. Sometimes I'd fall asleep for a few minutes at a time and wake up feeling very disoriented and confused. When I'd look down at my body it felt like my mind and body were disconnected. It was really weird. I made the intention to get up and go outside to smoke a cigarette but kept procrastinating and zoning out instead. I was tripping balls stoned.

    After the intense peak wore off about an hour later I finally got up, looked at my eyes in the mirror and I looked absolutely gone. My eyes were blood red and my pupils looked kind of strange. I had big bags under my eyes. It was obvious that I was messed up. This was the first real breakthrough I had with an indica dominant strain. Unfortunately my guy had only given me a few sample bowls.

    What're your favorite strain(s).
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    Wow I love indica strains but the where i'm from it's rare to stumble across one. I love it when you can almost achieve a nodding effect of off some good ole THC. But my favorite strain at the moment would have to be "Incredible Hulk". It isn't the most potent strain out there but it's easy to get that small sober/high where you can still function seamlessly.
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    I love the really heady introspective highs, the ones that have lots of awe moments. On trips like this I experience weird nostalgia from really long times ago. Colors and lights stand out more in an almost psychedelic way. If the high is intense enough it kind of reminds me of being a little kid, the way I saw the world when I was only a few years old and having everything be unknown and mysterious, being curious about everything.

    I know THC effects everyone differently. Some just feel a spacey giggly euphoria, others experience hallucinogenic trips. Weed has changed my life I can honestly say. I 'dabbed' into weed when I was fourteen and got really, really high every time I smoked and when I quit my perception of everything changed drastically and it was different forever. I quit for seven years and started again. That first high I had in seven years changed my life. Its like it permanently changes and resets your perception and ego long after the high goes away.
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