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    Liquid LSD viscosity/thickness 
    Long time reader, first time poster.

    been picking up vials of liquid for a few years now, but I noticed something strange about the one i just picked up. When attempting to drop a dose onto a piece of paper to give to a friend (not how i would normally do things but it was handy) the droplet sorta just beaded up on the paper without sinking in like other liquid i've used in the past. I transferred the dose to a sugar cube and obviously was absorbed.

    Anyone else here have any experience with really thick liquid? or did I just end up with some homemade RC solution? I know it doesn't mean much but the liquid did pass the fabled "blackight test" but we all know that doesnt really mean anything.
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    We can?t tell you much, we don?t do drug ID here. If you are curious about the true contents of your drugs buy some test kits.
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    Might be that they dissovled the LSD in something like propylene glycol for some reason. They just used another soln than you are used too. Viscosity doesn't neccesarily mean it's an RC.. But yes, sending it to a drug testing company like energy control is the only way to know for sure. Otherwise start cautiously with a half drop and look for familiar effects.
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    Both LSD and NBOMe-type RC's are so potent that there really shouldn't be enough dissolved material to actually impact the viscosity of a solution.

    Incunabula has it right, the solution is probably propylene glycol based.

    Testing your stuff and starting low is always a smart move, but with liquid LSD the degree of viscosity normally isn't something to worry about.
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    Ive heard from a guy that sometimes they out a little bit of glycerine in the solution to reduce risk of evaporation.
    I guess this is mostly for times where they might be at a hot place like a festival etc.
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