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    Can AMPs help with my cough 
    Can amphetamine stop my cough? i can not have or buy any cough medecineright now but i have some captagon so if i take them what could happen to my cough?
    thank you and this is my 1st writing in bluelight i do not know if this is the right page.
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    amphetamind for cough treatment 
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    Hello everyone'

    Long time follower to bluelight and many thanks to everyone who made it possible.

    I want to ask you guys. I have bad cough right now and because i can not buy or reach
    any cough medicine i have some amphetamine bills to use for recreational purposes but
    i was wondering if i can take them to cure my cough, does it work <and make my breath fresh too?>

    i really appreciate any advice you may have.
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    OK, so your body turns Captagon into amphetamine and theophylline. I think the theophylline is the one that does most of the work helping with breathing problems. The amphs may help it a little, when taken together.

    Amphs by themselves won't do a damn thing for your cough, they will just feel like amphs.

    So if you'd saved those amph pills for a fun weekend in the future, I would continue saving them. Don't use them in place of Captagon.
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