Thread: black shit in nasal passages and throat from meth?

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    black shit in nasal passages and throat from meth? 
    IT just keeps coming... yesterday i smoked this meth i got from someone i just met and it was brownish black ish and i took a hit after scraping it and FUCK! i got a LITTLE BIT go into the back of my throat and now all day ive been yacking up black shit from my throat and it wont go away wtf is this bullshit. any recommendations to get it all out?

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    Fellow tweakers, please, we gotta put on the metaphorical, collective linguistic suit if we ever want respect from even the lowly Dust-Off addicts.

    Was the meth originally brown-black? Or the stuff you "scraped"? And how did you get normal looking stem-frost?

    See, I don't know if you were ripped off, and if so, how the pipe frost worked, or if you're talking about dope you scorched all by yourself, then scraped out of your bowl today. The uncertainty makes a terrible mess of the mod decision flowchart (there's like three different boxes on that chart, FFS).

    I will close this speculative medical/forensic mystery, because if what you bought was already brown/black, there's no telling what you sucked into your lungs, or what you're bringing up now. Shit, maybe they're mini bot-flies, and what you vaped were really mini bot-fly eggs, except the ones you aren't bringing up are burrowing through your alveoli right this moment.

    So, you can update us with the exact sequence of events, with colors, from the waiting room at your nearest Urgent Care clinic.

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