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    I done lsd for the first time a while back I done 8 tabs in every way I could possibly do them(i know it was a big mistake) lol but I smoked 2 on top of a bowl of weed ate 1 and let 1 dissolve and 1 under each eye lid and 2 more after the high started to kick in. I smoked several amounts of weed through out the day. It just started coming on in levels and I kept feeling as if I was dying. My heart would pound out of my chest I was sweating like crazy cloths were soaking wet I kept blacking out as the high came on because of how intense it was. After 6 hours I had enough and really just wanted it to end so I forced myself to sleep. All I remember was laying down and thinking to myself that if I die I die. I just wanted the high to be over with. I eventually fell asleep and was still intensely high when I did. After I woke up I felt out of it. Since that day I have not felt right I feel like a new person living inside of myself and I just want to be back to normal again. I can answer anymore questions you have. I will list the side effects I feel as if I had.
    Heart still hurts all time.
    After dark, headlights from on coming cars make me feel as if I'm going to black out.
    I can't sleep at night because I constantly hear sounds in my head.
    When I look at a all black color it has white speckles.
    When I wake up in the mornings I can barely see every thing is blurry.
    Any time I smoke cannabis it makes it feel just as intense as when I done acid.
    I have many more just don't feel like typing. Just want a few more people who have done its opinion on what to do to make these side effects stop.
    Thank you for your time!
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    How long before have you done this, eh, shit?
    It might be possible, that you are still tripping. However, this high dosage can be life changing and even a bit dangerous, if you have some predisposition for any psychical disorder. Well, and you also smoked the weed on it. That wasn't really harm reducing.

    If you can, take a little (regular) amount of benzos to end your trip after effects on physical side of receptors. But psychical effects may take much time.

    I hope you'll be alright. Keep us updated.

    - MHF
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    It was my first time ever trying lsd and I figured id do it big and see what it was about. Its been 2-3 months and it seems as if it just keeps getting more intense. I'm not sure if I do for sure but I'm almost positive before I done it I had adhd and anxiety. I don't know if they would have any effect on it or not. How long does it usually take for a dosage that high for the side effects to wear off?
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    I've never really been able to keep a straight mind set and keep a certain attitude. I have many mood changes through out every day and its been that way for a few years. I'm 19 and have never went to the doctor to see if I have any disorders or anything.
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    Well, if it was so long before, the direct after effects of the substance are off. Everything what is happening to you now is in your mind which changed through the trip. Tripping for the first time on so high dose wasn't a good idea (and probably without sober sitter?). Anxiety and ADHD may have effect on the trip, as everything in your mind.
    I think the reason why you are feeling like not you amymore, also the reason why you hear sounds, see thing and so on, is, in spiritually-psychological way, that you opened up your mind too much during the trip and it can't be returned back into normal state. In physiological way it may be a permanent change in serotonin (HT) receptors (no evidence for this, just my opinion) in your brain.
    I'm not sure, what you can do in this case.
    You can try to start taking antipsychotics, that will force your mind to close, but I wouldn't recommend it, if you won't have prescription by psychiatrist (and even if you will - they totally f*ck up your thinking).
    You can try to take more LSD, in lower doses (up to 200) and try to think about your actual state and past thip during the current trip. Be sure, you'll have a sober sitter with you.
    Or maybe you can try to try live with your current state. Try to find, if these effects you mentioned as negative, have also a positive side.

    However, you should be very careful to not end up with any psychic disease. Maybe you should consult your state with some psychotherapist or psychiatrist.
    I'm not a doctor and everything I wrote can be unuseful or even dangerous and I take no responsibility for it.

    It would be great if there is someone else who can help you.
    Also, try to look for many and many information here on forum and on the Internet. Educate yourself about LSD, it's effects and you may be also interested in articles that talk about LSD use in psychotherapy.

    - MHF
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    Dude, you put them under your eyelids? Are you being serious? Did you receive eyeball damage from the terrible abrasions that would have occurred from thick paper under your eyelid? Also, for the record, smoking LSD would destroy it and not be effective.

    If you're being serious, then give it time, without ANY other drugs, and it will start to get better. Smoking weed will likely make it worse or keep it from getting better.
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    I'm curious if he feels better now, after 3 months, compared to 1 week after.

    Even when 2 tabs were wasted, 6 is still very much for the first time, with weed, and we even don't know the dose and substance too.

    - MHF
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    They were 100ug each blotter tabs. And yes my eyes feel as if they have sand in them at all times. If I look into light I can barely see. If I step out side I have to have a hood on and stare directly at the ground on most days because of how intense the pain is in my eyes. And yes 1 week after I still felt the full effects. I done it on November 18th to be exact. And still to this day throughout the day every hour or so I feel out of it I will focus as hard as I can to stay straight minded and it will go away and come back about a hour later. Its an every day ritual. My main problem is getting to sleep and being able to stay asleep. I used to sleep 10-12 hours a day and now I can stay awake 24 hours and go to sleep and wake up 5 hours later wide awake feeling the minor effects of it. As my day goes on it just builds up in intensity.. I'm wondering if benzos would really help or not. I had a friend tell me that they would be a good idea when I mentioned it to him last night.
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    The mind set I've had since the minute I took the first hit was keep control of yourself, don't let this drug take your mind over its just a drug. I tell myself that 100x a day at least.
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    I've been working out at least 2 hours a day for 2 weeks now. It helps me stay in control I feel like. I don't know if it actually helps the side effects I'm having but I can control my mind at least.
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    I havent seen lsd in years ,is blotter lsd still around?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah quest View Post
    I havent seen lsd in years ,is blotter lsd still around?
    It would probably be more accurate to say it is "again around". A decade or so ago, LSD was much rarer because of high-profile lab busts and the advent of extremely cheap (as well as legal) NBOMe-type RC's, but now that LSD is easily traded via darknet drug markets and most of the popular NBOMe's have been banned, quality blotter LSD is both relatively abundant and cheap again... also, there are more or less "legal" LSD prodrugs (1P-LSD and ALD-52 are both rapidly converted to LSD-25 in the body) available for those who do not want to deal with either street/festival dealers or the darknet.
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    This screams troll
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