Thread: IV Heroin use, did i miss a vein??

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    IV Heroin use, did i miss a vein?? 
    Hey all, so im fairly new to shooting and every time i have someone else stuck me no problem, tonight was the first time i did it myself. I am worried i missed my vein due to a larger bump than normal and it feels really bruised to the touch and when i move my. Am i just freaking out? Or did i really miss? If i did what should i do?? Just don't want an abscess heres a picture for you all to asses
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    You missed some of the shot. Put some heat on it, maybe a heating pad preferably, keep the area dry and clean. Wash it with warm soap a couple times a day. Don?t freak it just yet but never be scared to go to the hospital. Rather go to the hospital than to lose an arm or die.
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    Omg seriously thank you so much. SWIM was very worried as this was his first time doing it himself. I will remember to be more careful next time and will ensure that he always double checks the needle is still in the vein and didnt poke out the other sideof it. He should have known when the needle was in ALL the way and not half. Much love, thank you again. SWIM is very grateful for helpful people like yourself
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    Right now i have an ice cold water bottle on it to reduce swelling as SWIM is homeless and has no access to a heating pad at the moment, he will in a few hours though. Is that why it hurts so much?? Seriously feels like its been bruised like 10x over
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    Please don't use swim, it doesn't help you at all, especially considering you said I the whole first post, and its just hard to read, not to mention against the rules
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    Can you guarantee you used aseptic techniques and did all possible to avoid introducing skin bacteria under the skin?

    If so, that pic is a missed shot. Did you draw up blood when you registered?

    If you hit a vein then move during injection it really dtings so stop immediately, pull out and put constant pressure on it and keep it there.

    Keep it clean. Keep pressure on it with some clean cloth. Keep it raised and dont lift anything heavy.

    Itll get better in a few days.

    If it gets more swolken, red and more painful then you have an infection and will need antibiotics.
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    You should correct that like typo as kike is what Nazis would refer to the Jewish people as.... It's like the N word for Jews
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    Missed shot in crook of arm 
    I'm new here and didnt know where to post.
    I missed a shot of heroin in the crock of my arm. Its not super painful but just a little bit. The area swole up and is now a white bump bump about half the size of a soda can and the area around that is red. I did a hot compress I just want to know if its something I should be alarmed about
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    Welcome to BL Spreex3,

    Sorry it's under these conditions but like the posts above you might give it a little time and reassess if it's reducing in size, staying the same or worsening. Hot compress and elevation are good places to start followed by observation as if some improvement doesn't come quick, medical intervention is key as antibiotics and draining will preserve the rest of your arm.
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    Make sure it doesn't feel warm too the touch on its own.... Honestly that sounds like a big bump if it's really half a soda can size. The bump itself should not get bigger than a marble and even that's big. It's also the white color that makes me wonder. It could be an infection and you might need oral antibiotics. I'd recommend going to a doctor
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