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    Suboxone question 
    I took a very weak dose (maybe .5 - .75mg) of Suboxone for roughly 5 days to help me taper off Oxy since it felt like I was getting a little too dependent on them. My last dose of Suboxone was late Saturday night. I need the Suboxone out of my system ASAP now and I?m reading conflicting information online. Some sites say it stays in your system for 2 days and others say 10.

    Can anyone help me out?
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    If this a drug testing it is not allowed; ��

    Those are (reatively)low doses, if you used SL it has a slower elimination - otherwise that's that
    pretty much
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorne??? View Post
    If this a drug testing it is not allowed; ��

    Those are (reatively)low doses, if you used SL it has a slower elimination - otherwise that's that
    pretty much
    Not for drug testing. I need it out of my system ASAP so I can go back on the oxy for pain that has ramped up really badly over the past couple days.
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    Once your in wd it's fine-if your pain, you can go ahead and start taking them now, though if it was Saturday, your just fine hun- have away at oxy, for analgesia that is-although you said you had detoxed from them, so that's odd,whatever just do not be in pain
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    the downside is that POTENTIALLY you may have a little bit higher tolerance now. 0.5-0.7mg bupe is equal to like 20-30mg oxycodone but it lingers for way longer in the system and as such, tolerance takes longer to go away. Also while it's in your system it occupies parts of your opioid system that oxycodone would usually bind to in order to exert it's effect. But you should still feel the oxy though just don't go on a higher dose or your taper will have been for nothing (in fact, switching back and forth could result to sensitization to some of the drugs effects with complete tolerance to other parts of it so tread carefully). It's good that you only used small amount 0.5-0.7mg bupe.
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    ^ Yeah, but 3-4 day cold turkey wd can really hurt your tolerance, trust me(although yeah, sublingual has a longer t1/2, though if your pain days later, Oxycodone will help-40mg would probably feel pretty good(sart low though, maybe 50/75% of your former dose; can always redose if still you are in pain
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    It?s just a couple of days.
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    4 days cold turkey is a lot, even from SL bupe
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    The way suboxone works is confusing until you?ve had personal experience with it for a while.

    If you were stabilized on sub (ie you took sub and you did not feel withdrawal) and you begin to go into withdrawal, a regular opiate (oxy in this case) will work how you want it to (take you out of withdrawal and get you high/take care of your pain).
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    ^If your pain, oxy will help, after 4 days think it is fine, would just start slow to be safe
    (your correct, not disputing that at all just mentioning the analgesic angle)
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