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    Vaping Methamphetamine 
    Need some basic advice on what esig, epen, vape or simmluair product that might possiably work for vaping meth. I've read in the past online that it has worked for some people. Seen lotta threads with recipes for mixing juices for it but dunno what products aka the pen or what vape to buy so it would work.

    If you've had some experiences in trying this please post below. If you have any vauge idea what product would work please tell me below. As I'm going to buy one next payday so far I've only gathered something with a temperature control might work.

    Okay here me out.

    I live in a Building that has very sensitive smoke detectors that are too high to reach in every single room, bathrooms, hallways, EVERYWHERE that has an expensive fine when they go off there is no way to shut them off and fire brigade gets alerted immediately and persons who set them off get over a $500 fine. So no I'm not going to use a sweet puff or light bulb before you ask and shooting up is not my thing. In need of help from fellow tweakers as moving is NOT an option (can't go into details).

    Any helpful advice would be highly appreciated..
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    Best is make your juice by using some premixed juice that lets you add chemical solids, like a D.I.Y CBD vape juice (google it, too high to bother thanks to a nice organic bud). Add your chosen compound, and tweak to your hearts content!

    Smoke safely x
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