Thread: Am I at risk of amphetamine psychosis if I stop dosing ?

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    Am I at risk of amphetamine psychosis if I stop dosing ? 
    Hey guys I have been reading on blue light for a good year now, Only decided to make an account now because Im kinda paranoid.

    **About a year and a half ago I was addicted to daily use of this same stuff for a solid 8 months. I dont know if this will affect me now or not**

    So I 'found' some amphetamine pills, Not adderall ect, Amphetamine Sulphate. Around 120 - 150 mg each. I had 7 of them between Thursday of last week and Sunday of this passed weekend and didnt sleep at all on thursday and Friday, Got 2 hours on Saturday and I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep on Sunday. Yesterday I obtained 2 more and railed them. Havent gotten any more sleep than 7 hours since thursday and I cannot sleep at all tonight.
    I am not dosing any more.
    I was just wondering

    1) Am I at risk of any kind of psychosis since I managed to get a few hours of sleep, I am not going to be dosing any more for a while.
    Does that rule out amphetamine psychosis from occuring ?

    2) How exactly do I know when Im close to amphetamine psychosis, I am kind of paranoid, I thought I heard laughing earlier, and extremely jumpy as of now.

    3)How bad will it be if I dont manage to get any sleep tonight?

    4) Is redosing a bad idea, even if I waited a day or two and tried to get some sleep ?
    Thank you so much. I apologize if anything here is against the rules or in the wrong forum, It is my first post. Hope you guys have a good night.
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    if you are worried about psychosis, it is definitely a good idea to get some sleep and gives the stims a rest.

    we can't diagnose you or rule anything in or out, but it's safe to say that the longer you stay awake, and the longer you binge, the more risk you run of encountering adverse effects and/or psychological issues.

    i think that's the best advice to give you, because you know yourself better than we possibly could from what you have told us, but if you're experiencing auditory hallucinations, it's a pretty good sign to take a break.
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    7 hours is a decent-ish amount of sleep. Just don't do anymore and try to get to some. I usually find getting a meal can help induce sleep on stims - and I can eat if I try, even if it's not particularly apatising. You could also try something like chamomile, or if you have anything (which I'm assuming you don't), something more powerful like a benzo.

    It's impossible to say if you're going to experience psychosis, but if you're alright, then take that for what it is. Everybody can get paranoid and jumpy - last night I was feeling a bit sketchy and jumpy just because it's dark and I was by myself, but I've never had stim psychosis. The key is to not worry when you're fine, but also to not endanger yourself with situations that you have a right to concern yourself with. Generally stim psychosis seems to be somewhat gradually accumulated.

    Also some people seem far more prone to stim psychosis type stuff. I'm not sure what it is, there will be many contributing factors rooted both physically and pshchologically, but I tend to find that some people are less good at or willing to rationalise stuff, and are more readily afraid in general, and imo should tread carefully.

    I've known people to stay up for days on end and be generally fine. I've also known people to take a single dose and freakout. There's really everything in between.
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