I work in the alcohol and drug sector and also have many first hand experiences relating to being a heroin user. My ex partner would sometimes display some strange symptoms when he used large amounts of heroin. He didn't seem to be in total control of his actions, he would sometimes yell for no reason, when pulled up on it he would apologise like he wasn't in control. He would also slap himself, slap the top of his head repeatedly, sometimes would display jerky kind of movements, thoughout all these symptoms he is heavily sedated and on the 'nod' . From a bystanders point of view, it looked a bit like Tourette's. At the time, I thought he was just an odd one. Since then I have recently started working at a busy health centre and once again I am witnessing similar symptoms in some of the local heroin users. It does seem to be more pronounced when they have had a large taste or sometimes when they have not been using for a while and they have a taste. So in short, it seems to happen to a select bunch of people when they get nicely stoned. It is the same people that repeatedly display such symptoms, not random, it has nothing to do with what the heroin is cut with or any of that nonsense, I'm sure of that.

Has anyone else witnessed similar symptoms in opiate users? Does anybody know what is happening with these select few? Can anybody provide me with some information on this please.