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    Meth - Experienced - Ice is one hell of a drug 
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    So like. I?ve been doin ice lately. Lol. Shits starting to mess me up at work. Like I was gettin dizzy prolly from not eatin. Like. I did some Monday after work. I forget roa. Lol. I think I smoked n snorted. Hung out with my best friend. Any way. So I was up Monday n Tuesday night went to sleep at like three. As I was typin this I looked at the time. I?m posed to be at work at seven. Lol. Fml.
    Anyway. So left work told my coworker I?d keep the partyin to the weekend. I fucked up. I was like. Ehh. I?ll jus do a lil right. Lol. I started to do a .1shot. I had made the other day. Cuz I was gettin low. Actually. Lol. I have a mystery one too already made up. Mystery cuz I forgot how much I put in it. I think it was a 1/4 g. But that?s for the weekend. Lol.
    So. Hit I hit that ten started missing. So I jus said fuck it. New roa. Lol. N put it in one of them baby syringe. Like you?d give a baby medicine. N stuck it in my butt. Lol. So funny. But yeah. Then I rolled the bowl. Prolly had about ten good hits. Then it was gettin close to 5 or 6. Don?t really remember atm. But yeah. Told myself a time I was gonna stop. So I could get sleep before work.
    Fuck. It?s almost 4 now. I gotta be up at work at seven. Long story short. Really fun night. Talked to some dude I knew back in my home He showed me his dick. I showed him some self insertion with a screwdriver. Lol. I rally need toys for when I?m spun. But yeah. Gave him a lil show. I talked to someone else. Well call him Thomas. So me n Thomas have an ex in common so you know we?re talkin n shit. N he shows me dick pic. N I?m like. Lol. I thought you were jus playin back then. Lol. So. Long story short. He invites me to the next city over where he moved to. Talkin bout me him n his wife. Lol. Pretty fuckin hot tho. Got done textin him n some one else started textin me. N it was the current bf of me n thomas?s Ex so you know. He starts talkin bout somethin n then I?m all like. Yeah man. I?m fuckin spun the fuck out. Rn. N yeah. We was bullshittin n shit. Talkin bout bangin it n smokin n shit. Man. As we were sayin bye n stuff. Hey. Why he had texted me in the first place. Cuz you know. I don?t really know him that good. Lol. He was try to text someone else. N I was like. Aww fuck. Cuz really I forgot he had told me like only time I had smoked with him too. He had told me he was tryin to stay away from it. N I?m like. Aww fuck. Man. I feel like such an ass cuz. Like I was talkin bout what I had done recently. Like dope wise. Lol. Auto correct made that say we use. Fuck. Anyway. I forgot all bout him quit in n not tryin to use n stuff. N here I am tellin dude n havin fun n enjoying the high. Fuck. So I felt bad cuz I felt like I was tempting him n stuff. Man fuck. It?s 420. I gotta go to sleep. I?m so gonna pay for it tomorrow tho. Hopefully not yet but I think I?m gonna lose my job. I need to really take a break from it. Or atleast only on weekends. Yeah. Fuck it. Good night /good mornin. N I?ll.. fuck man. Bye. Lol. Bye my blue lighters. May that blue light burn all night. Lol. Jus made that up. Aight. Bye

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    Umm you put a screw driver inside your penis? Did i read that right? No judgement do you. But just curious
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    I read it as if it was inserted in a vagina.... eitherway, get some sleep.

    You need to quickly find discipline to limit to weekend use or you are likely heading towards being a statistic.
    Good luck. Hope you can work this out.
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    this has blown my mind, i feel frozen with horor
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    17 'lols' in one paragraph. nice
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    Total tweaker post, you said alot for not saying much
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    ^^Funny to read though...
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    That was sad. I'm really sorry if you can't stop.
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    Like...I?m tweakin rn but not like that
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