Thread: Heyho! New here - some general benzo/opiate questions, zopiclone in particular

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    Heyho! New here - some general benzo/opiate questions, zopiclone in particular 
    hello everyone.

    first time post - probably in the wrong forum?

    Been reading and finding lots of answers over the last couple of weeks - I am very grateful for that, especially some "DONT'S" i have read. Thanks all you guys! But now it s time to finally post!

    First, my situation: I a male over 35, between 80-90 kg and 175cm. I am on 50mg amitriptalin which i take before sleep usually. I read this can potentiate various benzos and opiates, but I am not sure how - what do I take first? Or does it always works since it s always in my system?

    I have tried various (prescribed) meds for anxiety, depression, insomnia over the last 4 or 5 years and I imagine that gave me some tolerance already - and that s where my stock of zopiclone and temazepam comes from as nothing really worked so far as intended by the docs.. Very recently I got Oxy and Valium prescribed for pain and panic attacks - it didnt work for either; i found it strange to get that combination prescribed, unless it is harmless to mix benzos and opiates when on those really low 5mg doses?

    Finally, I am a very heavy pot smoker, every day, for years and years. Now finally more vaping than smoking

    And now I want to know about those kind of drugs mentioned above; previous (mostly long ago) drugs experiments are some heavy months of eating mushrooms, couple of years of cocain once or twice a month, some speed, some e, some acid. Used to be a heavy drinker, too. All those events make me think I have rather a natural higher tolerance to most drugs than most of my friends.

    I was hoping for more info on Zopiclone, i just took a 7.5mg over an hour ago on empty stomach and feel nothing but a metal taste in my mouth, which could be imagined just because i read about it before. I got 4x7.5mg left, should i just take another one or is that a waste cos this one and the first one wont work together at the same time anymore? Just prolonging the non-action?

    my previous 3 experiments lately were not very impressive either:

    30mg oxy on empty stomach gave me rather heavy head but no positive effects - and made it impossible for me to cum during sex!
    I have 5x5mg pills left - something to combine with anything else i have maybe?

    2x10mg temazepam on empty stomach did have no effect until i took 2x10mg codeine - this gave me the feeling of a light alcohol hangover, sick stomach. I have 5x10mg left - all of those without anything else worth a trip or too low dose?

    I do have heaps of 10,15 and 30mg codein in OTC painkillers left, planing to do this water extraction thingy soon; however up to 4x30mg i have taken and did not get more than a strange, not unpleasant but def not high or euphoric feeling. With my assumed tolerances, what would be a good dose to start here?

    Any advice for what to do now - taking another zoplicone? Add something else? Or keep a combination of any of the above for the future? Or doing a higher dose of one of them alone another day?

    Thanks everyone,
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    Hey welcome too bluelight! I will shortly reply on as much as i can (luckily this is a area i have come to learn extensively- both the theory and (vs) the practical side. Will just make dinner than reply. Cheers
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    cheers mate,
    appreciate it - i think i am dosing way too conservative for what i assume my tolerances are: 3x7.5mg zopiclone did not do anything notable..
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