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    New and struggling 
    Hello All, New to the board and glad to find some great stories and information.

    I found my way here searching symptoms of Adderall withdraw as I have been off Adderall 10mo months now however still fighting major anhedonia/depression/apathy whatever you want to call it. I have tried a number of anti depressants and just cant seem to get my brain chemistry right. At the moment I am just working on diet, exercise and vitamins however I know it is not enough as this has been my routine for a coupe months now and I find myself in near tears each morning and my desire to near anything is stripped from my soul, even when I force myself to do my favorite hobbies it is like I am having an out of body experience and not really the person doing it... Foggy, sad and tired is my life now. Surviving for my children as if it were just me not sure I would still be here. Thanks for the support
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    Hey Doubleup.

    I've never done Adderall, but I certainly can identify with the way you feel. I just arrived there using different substances
    Can I suggest checking out the Sober Living sub forum if you haven't already? There's plenty of information and support you might find helpful.

    BTW Welcome to Bluelight
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    Thank you!
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    I keep my fingers crossed.
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