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    A big hello 
    Pleased to meet ya!

    I found Bluelight while looking for information about ADHD drugs. People here seem more clear and honest about how the drugs work than I see on the official channels. Recreationally I'm tame, just alcohol these days, but I am fascinated by psychedelics so I'll probably hang out there, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricabell View Post
    Pleased to meet ya!
    Likewise and ditto!
    Not too fond of alcohol anymore and it's been quite a while since my trippin' days but out of the two; I would love to have a little bit of good acid and/or shrooms.
    Anyway... prolly be seeing ya round. Have a good evening.
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    Welcome to Bluelight ricabell

    Hope to see you posting around
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    Ricabell, you sound like me! Lol. I used adderall for many years. Currently I just use legal substances... Maybe a little herb here n there. Due to its illicitness and my job, im pretty tame these days. Im also a new member myself. I enjoy talking about drugs and peoples experiences. Drugs, to me, are an important tool in life to learn, manage depression, be creative, etc. I am interested in mushrooms. I havent had any in a long time but lately I've been reading up on micro dosing and depression. Most of my experiences with drugs have been positive but the bad times are good too... You learn and evolve from them. I've browsed this forum plenty of times. I find it a usefull and informative place. There arent a lot of people teaching safe and responsible drug use these days.?

    Anyways... If you have any questions about adhd medication, hit me up! It is nice to meet you and hope to see you around!
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