Thread: Hi! I am back after enough years to forget my password!

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    Hi! I am back after enough years to forget my password! 
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    My name is Matt, my former BL Username was Who_mE?
    I used to host websites on my secure FreeBSD server, including my own mental liberty advocacy site,
    I was a co-moderator of Other Drugs with Negrogesic & Phreex.
    I briefly moderated Advanced Drug Discussion.
    I was married to a tall blonde nympho named BellaBabe.
    I was a software engineer & software architect for many years.

    Now, I am a boring 36 year old who studies Math, Physics & Philosophy for fun, has installed every package in every Linux software repository, helps elder-sit my Alzheimer's addled mom, and flirts with ladies who live across the Pacific Ocean from me.
    Any single women 21-40 near Laguna Beach who like smart guys? Please message me if so!

    My favorite chemicals are MDMA, MBDB, Methylone, LSD, Ketamine for the memories...
    Meth/amp + Methadone is my daily routine for the past 15 years.
    As a big fat guy of German ancestry, I like beer too,
    and as a southern Californian Tequila and Habare?os have a nice ring.
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    Welcome back young'un

    What brings you back to BL?
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    Welcome to Bluelight, Older
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