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    Xanax and Gabapentin 
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't know where to ask this. I have 3, 1mg alprazolam and 2, 300mg gabapentin. I wanted to know what is the best way to use these recreationally. I was thinking of taking the 2 gabapentin capsules and then the 3mg of alprazolam in an hour or so. Is this the most efficient way? Or should I split this into two doses (meaning, 300mg gabapentin with 1.5 alprazolam today and the rest another day)? I have close to zero tolerance with both, though I am VERY experienced with benzos and gabapentinoids. I also have an entire script of lyrica, 25mg. Should I add that to the mix as well? I wasn't planning on it, but if the gabapentin isn't enough, I have that as well. And also, how should I space it out? (If I'm breaking any forum rules, please tell me and I'll adjust this post accordingly.)

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    600mg of gaba is pretty low. I'd take it 1 hour before the Xanax. It should potentiate the Xanax somewhat.

    If you haven't taken Lyrica before I'd suggest to wait and use it another time though. 25mg is pretty low, people usually start at 300mg or so to get a buzz off it.

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    I’d stick to the Xanax personally as gabas are pretty bad man. Seen some bad stuff associated with them, but who am I to judge or say to do or not. I’ve never had lyrcia so I cannot comment on that, the above seems knowledgeable.

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    I have plenty of experience with Lyrica as well, which is why I was wondering if I should take some of that with the gaba and then take the alprazolam an hour after. But I haven't taken any of these in a while so I just don't know if my tolerance could handle all that quite yet

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    BL doesn?t allow discussions about what to take to get high.

    I don?t see anything particularly dangerous about your combo, but search for experience reports in our Trip Report forum or on Erowid for people who?ve tried something similar.

    If you have further questions you absolutely need to ask on this topic, pm me or another OD mod. Closed.

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