Thread: Magic mushrooms in GA?

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    Magic mushrooms in GA? 
    Hello I'm really new to this site but I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might be able to find Psilocybe Cunensis or Weilie around Decatur GA and is it the right conditions right now? I've always had bad expreiences buying them off people so I'd like to try hunting for my own. (It just rained and and there's a few horse and cow farms near me)

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    Im pretty sure this type of thread is not allowed, sorry.

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    Yeahhhhhhh trying to ID psychedelic mushrooms with no experience is about equivalent to playing russian roulette. Don't do that.

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    Ya know I am from Metro Atl, and let me say, there are only types of magic mushrooms 🍄 primarily in th enclaves The Red ones make you taller, sometimes giant! If you get hit you go back to regular size though - then you have green mushrooms, which give you an extra life! They are hard to find though, try going down pipes - also green, and sometimes redOh, watch out, because there is another type, as you approach The The outskirts. They are blue, and poisonous. Luckily, if your big, they just shrink you. Personally, I stick with a frog; watch out though, those rare poison mushrooms shall take it away ...Closed 🐫

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