Thread: Small damp napkin in cigar pack

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    Small damp napkin in cigar pack 
    Hey guys I've been around for a while but I keep finding small damp napkins inside cheap cigar packs in my kids room. What could this be?

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    I have no idea. Are they in even sealed packages?

    Eitherway, if he is smoking that is an objectly harmful before.

    Im not a parent just a 22 year old, but perhaps he could switch to a vape. Or, nicotine gum. Idk just an idea.

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    Your kid smoke cigars or gets high on benzedrine.


    Ask him.

    Tell him to clean up his own room.

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    Ok surprised no one knows this however you use a moist paper towel to keep things like cigars and additive free cigarettes ( Like Nat Sherman, or, Natural American Spirit) and you can also use it and a pair of ziplock bags to restore moisture to stale tobacco, or cigarettes or cigars or, filtered cigars, etc

    However you normally would NOT use them on cheap cigars and cigarellos, because there cheap among other reasons

    Of course if your kid found out about the napkin trick or the use of humidors, as they are inexperienced with tobacco, then it is possible they are trying to keep them fresh, maybe they smoke one or two per day? Idk - when asking, don't act mad, just ask why he has damp
    napkins in his cigar packs - Do what you want obviously, however a simple even tempered question, at least to start, will get the best quage of their response, and, maybe even the truth. In any case, if it's not true, you figure it out afterwards. Just my advice

    And tobacco is bad, however cigarettes are worse and more addictive than cigars, so wouldn't yell to much if they close to legal age especially, it seems to have opposite effect. Find out about those napkins, which you didn't tell us much about

    Ugh giving out parenting advice!

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    Sorry, OP, but this is very far from what we are about here. No harm, no foul. From someone looking in from the outside, I can see how there are many misconceptions regarding what we do here, so don't stress it. We are a Harm Reduction forum though, so in order for a thread to be legitimate or deemed appropriate, it has to have the health and safety of the community at the fore, otherwise we close it down to make room for threads that meet the standards of our forum.

    Sorry, but we're closing this guy.

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