Thread: has anyone experienced or witness very strange behavior from fetynyl use

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    has anyone experienced or witness very strange behavior from fetynyl use 
    Fentynyl* is a huge problem in my area. I did heroin before fentynyl started coming to the area and when the new white dope came around it quickly became the only shit that could get me high. Through my travels I've noticed that there is a difference in some users experiences with the drug. While in most people the effects are typical I've noticed an additional effect in a select few. I do not want to come off as insensitive in any way to anyone that experiences these effects that I am about to discuss, I am just curious if anyone else has noticed this definite pattern of behavior from other people or is it just me? To begin I will start with the similarities of what I have seen these people doing. They usually start out with that swaying, dance fighting type moves, a lot of them clap, stomp around like they are a giant, some jump around in one spot. They sometimes do weird things with their fingers like crack them strangely or look like they are trowing up gang signs. They begin to talk to themselves and then the yelling starts. Every one of them uses multiple voices almost like they are acting out a conversation between multiple people and they use a different voice for each person. For some people you may only see one or two of these behaviors but the majority of them have the voices and/or have a conversation with themselves every time. The voices that are used are those of either a woman or a child, even when the user is male. I have noticed there seems to be a pattern that I am seeing but I do not want to share that at this point until I can get some sort of confirmation with others that may see these behaviors in people that they know. Ive briefly looked to see if anyone has mentioned these affects anywhere on the internet and it seems as though none of this is being documented or reported. While it does not affect me in these ways i feel like its a real problem that needs to be looked into any experiences are appriciated*fentynyl - When I use this word or "fet"; what I'm referring to is most likely a heroin/fet mix. It could also be straight fet cut down like crazy (not qualified or have the resources to determine for sure)

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    You already have one thread open on this subject. Please keep it to one thread. It will get answers.


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