Thread: The forgotten opioid that missed the "opiate ban"... ooooops

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    The forgotten opioid that missed the "opiate ban"... ooooops 
    So, after running out of my DOC, and having nothing to enjoy... I was getting panicky.


    I began a journey to multiple chemists, to see if anyone was displaying any panadeine extra or similar... none did, however, this inconspicuous brown bottle, sitting behind every counter was calling me... "chompers... I'm here, they forgot about me... I'm codeines step brother, Dihydrocodeine... 1.5 times stronger, and mixed with sorbitol in this bottle that will make you shit real bad if you indulge too much, but I'm what you want"...

    Rikodeine was my answer...

    50ml and I'm feeling normal again, with that good Ol' euphoric rush I was desperate for...

    It seems dihydrocodeine tartrate was forgotten when they scheduled codeine! I bought 6 bottles today, multiple pharmacies, only one took ID!

    Rikodeine cough syrup... for that stubborn dry cough, that the doctor told you to ask for when you go to the chemist, for your wife 😏

    Love Yas!
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    I assumed Riko would slip through, technically the ban is on 'codeine' I think that's why it got passed. Fuck, I feel icky just thinking about downing 400ml of Riko :O
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    I don't know if threads like this are helpful, if you know what I mean. I see no harm mentioning it deep in posts here and there, but probably better not making a deal of it. I'm old enough to have seen more than a few things become illegal (when I was a raver, you could go into a tobacco store and legally buy 2 glass "ice pipes" for $5) because of the noise around them. Salvia anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mostly-human View Post
    I assumed Riko would slip through, technically the ban is on 'codeine' I think that's why it got passed. Fuck, I feel icky just thinking about downing 400ml of Riko :O
    Lol it does the job. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
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    I don't know if threads like this are helpful, if you know what I mean.
    I know what you mean and it's a delicate area. I think, however, that the low potency of dihydrocodeine (relatively speaking) combined with the syrup chugging aspect will hold a lot of people back from getting into it on a regular basis. Unless/until there's a way to filter the dhc out of the syrup, it will maintain it's 'natural' barrier to abuse.

    Not sure what's in the Riko formula in terms of flavouring/sweeteners, but if it's anything like DXM containing syrups then you want to watch out for the gut destroying sorbitol. I mean gut destroying in the sense that a bottle worth of the stuff will turn your arse into a firehose.
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    I'm no expert but I'm assuming you could do simple A/B extraction on a tartate salt? I know it works for HCl.
    Rikodeine is definitely sorbitol based, and depending on the strength/tolerance of your stomach depends on how much you'll piss out of your ass.

    I might actually grab a few bottles considering the codeine ban. I'm not a fan of opiates recreationally but they're good to have around when you actually need them.
    There'll always be poppy seeds, I guess.
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    I'd actually been wondering about this recently.
    The sorbitol issue always meant riko was a no-go for me.
    I know people use it, but the GI distress (gas, bloating, intense shits) meant i never considered it as useful as some folks seem to.
    Vaguely curious to know if there are any viable extraction techniques...i loathe sorbitol.
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    The folks over at ADD could tell you if A/B extractions work on tartrate salts.
    Given tartaric acid has a higher pKa I would think it does, and requires less base to freebase than HCl salts would, but don't take my word for it because I don't know much about chemistry.
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    im pretty sure that the morbidity and mortality was particularly related to the impact of preparations which included paracetamol and ibruprofen products with codeine.

    As this was the purpose of the scheduling it was probably left as is because of the current information about the use of this product to date.

    makes sense that an extractions would work if you had the know how.

    probably easier to get on a program if you are that dependent though
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    Thank you for the clarification, Mr. PM.
    I just liked ur location
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