Thread: (I know you've seen this before) Weed going back to normal success stories?

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    (I know you've seen this before) Weed going back to normal success stories? 
    So anyways, I realize that many people post about this specific issue, but I am going to give it a go anyways, because I'm at a point where I feel like I need to.

    I'm not going to lie, I'm not a very responsible drug user, and in the case of psychedelics, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. Anyways, my first trip was in late December of last year. I took about 8.5 grams of shrooms, and tripped like mad. I remember being on the floor and not being able to move, but somehow I was still having a great time, visuals and all. I want to be pretty accurate with my information so I will mention that I was drunk during this experience, although I don't know if that's useful information.

    Soon after my shrooms experience, I decided to try acid with my buddy. I took like 3/4 of the tab that he provided for me, and ended up deciding to take 2g of shrooms as well. It didn't taste weird, and the trip was good, but because my friend didn't take a lot, (he used the rest of my tab) he fell asleep. This left me alone, which I hear is a mistake, but all was well. In fact, I loved my experience.

    Two weeks later, I decided to do Acid again with a different friend. This time, I didn't stay in a good environment, and went somewhere where I was not very comfortable, but eventually I ubered home. I had a really tough night that night, there was lots of self-hatred involved in my trip.

    Here is where things start to get really irresponsible. Like 3 days after the previous trip, I consumed 3 tabs. Again, no taste, and since I guess my tolerance was there, it was a pretty pleasant trip.

    Overall, after this experience, I began to once again space out my trips, and tripped on one tab of acid 2 more times after that.

    This is my psych history from December 26-April 5th of this year:
    -8.5 g shrooms (alone)
    -3/4 tab acid +2g shrooms
    -3 tabs (alone)

    April 5th was kind of a different day. My friend and I made this really stupid cocktail of 4 Xanax bars and like maybe 2g of shrooms in a smoothie, and split that between the two of us. The night was pretty bad for me, as I threw up a ton, and continued to puke for like the next 3 days. This, I believe, was from the bars, but I have no idea.

    Anyways, I stopped using substances for about a week, and at the end of that week I decided to go back to my normal routine, and keep Xanax and Psychs out for a while. My normal routine contains a lot of cannabis. I consume it in every way possible and am pretty passionate about it. Anyways, in the ensuing days, I began to experience intense and debilitating symptoms of what seemed to be HPPD. I can't credit any of this to withdrawal or anything because I only took Xanax like 5 times recreationally. My symptoms were:

    -Constant and disturbing visual skipping, like my mind was a scratched DVD
    -Objects/Faces getting smaller and larger
    -Light tracers
    -Acute depression
    -Anxiety/Feeling unsafe.

    At this point I decided I needed to watch myself, so I took care of myself the best I could- healthy food, sleep, exercise, and after about a week the intense symptoms dissipated. It was then when I decided to try cannabis again, but I was really nervous to I took a couple of bars, which made the experience great. A couple bong rips and I was me again.

    Soon I decided I didn't want to take Xanax anymore, and stopped that, which felt fine. I went to smoke the next day, and after one bong rip-every symptom was back, it was intense. This put me in the depressing state I am in now, in which I feel that there is no hope of cannabis ever getting back to "normal." Now I know that for some people, it never does, and I get that, but I was wondering if anyone experienced what I have and had cannabis feel right again?

    I plan on continuing to be sober for a decent amount of time before trying again with weed, maybe a year or two. I hope and pray that it will go back to the plant I love, and that I will be able to chill out and enjoy a bowl again.

    So, has anyone had weed feel normal again? I know there are plenty of people that haven't.

    To clarify, I don't blame or hate psychedelics at all, because it was my own lack of research and understanding that most-likely got me here. I really enjoyed my psych experiences but am a little turned off to it all now. I miss my weed, that's all.

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    I'm not a doctor and this is purely conjecture, however, it may be possible that smoking weed may be triggering "flashbacks" from your use of hallucinogens. I know someone who used LSD for a long period of time and is 25 years sober now, he occasionally suffers from a grouping of the symptoms you've described. Which leads me to believe they're hallucinogenic flashbacks triggered by the subtle hallucinogenic properties of marijuana.

    Unfortunately that doesn't answer your question. A possible solution that would require to at least stop taking hallucinogens would be talking to your doctor about talking an anti-psychotic medication to mediate the symptoms of flashbacks allowing to have your bud and smoke it too. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for your response!
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    Keep Xanax out forever bad bad bad! Stick to Indica bud. Sativa can give you headaches or get your HPPD triggered much faster/more often. It will go away in time. I had tracers for two months. Anxiety is still kicking unfortunately but give it time and once you forget about it and counting the days and all, it'll fade. I'd safe 6 months forsure.

    I would not recommend any anti psychotic medication whatsoever. That is a professional's job and even then I would deny it if it were me. What if they are wrong and you end up turning into the psycho you never were? That's my input at least.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for your response... all good advice. Yeah i?m Not really down with the anti-psychotics... appreciate it.
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    I would absolutely avoid anti psychotics, completely unnecessary. It's good that you plan to stay off drugs for a year or two because i think it takes a long time to recover from this sort of thing.

    I had severe HPPD, anxiety, and paranoia every time i smoked weed, it was probably from a mix of some really bad synthetic cannabinoid experiences and my family's history of negative reactions to cannabis. It took me over two years off of weed to get back to normal, i still don't react that well to weed but i can handle a small amount without freaking out which wasn't true before.

    Just stay away from any psychedelics and you might be able to your ganja back.
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    I appreciate it! Makes me feel hopeful
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