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    Weed, Xanax, mix help 
    My friend is not sure if this post is appropriate for this site because I did not find any testing forums, if so take it down and message my friend please so he can ask elsewhere..

    So on Friday, April 27th at night my friend was hitting my friends dab pens a few times and got really messed up because my friend took at least 8 hits of the powerful pen, my friend hasn't

    smoked in about 6 months. The day after that night my friend and another friend woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise which they smoked from the dab pen (about 2 hits), I would say in total

    those two days he smoked maybe .2-.3g of concentrates .. (not too good at that measurement) anyhow, he is prescribed 2mg Xanax he takes regularly. He is about 5'7 around 180-190 pounds

    with very mild physical activity if none. He has a test coming up at the end of the month, maybe the 30 or 31st which gives him about 29-31 days of detoxing. He drinks about a gallon of water

    a day and is prescribed adderall as well which speeds up the metabolism a bit if he is correct?

    Question is, should he be worried or what should he change up to increase his chances of passing? He does not intend to smoke anymore. Thank you!

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    u will be fine.

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    It is a 4 panel test not sent to lab or anything, doesn't even test for benzo which he is prescribed anyhow. Would you say just stick to normal habits and relax or take precautions to ensure a successful test? It was pretty strong dab pen rips too, some 92% and he was totally out of it which is understandable after a 6 month break. Just need to be 100% sure that it will be a ok!
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    This type of questioning is not allowed and it will be closed. With a panel test though, your friend is *probably* ok. If it somehow becomes a GC/HPLC test (or a more sophisticated immunoassay) he's screwed.


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    we don't allow drug testing questions here...
    don't fuck up the feng shui

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