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    Marihuana and GABA 
    Heloo everyone,
    I have some theory, but cant find much on the internet, so Im asking here If someone can tell something to it.

    One guy have social anxiety and when he smokes MJ his SA is much worse.
    This should be because marihuana suppress GABA in his body. If he smokes, he gets anxious, then he will go home for sleep. When he wake up, he is sober and he is feeling less anxious, than at usual soberness.

    So here is my theory: If marihuana suppress GABA, his GABA receptors upregulate themselves to be more sensitive to GABA, because they are understimulated while he is high. But when he sober up, his body start to produce normal amount of GABA, but his receptors are still more senitive and thats why he feel less anxious than usual. Its like opposite with as lets say alcohol use. When I drink, my GABA-a receptors downregulate themselves because they are overstimulated, so when I sober up, Im more depressed, because, they are less sensitive and my normal GABA level is not enough for them.

    Could be this theory about marihuana true?

    I hope I didnt write it much chaotic and you can understand what I mean.
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    Hello there and welcome!

    You are right in what are you saying but the process looks more complicated if you try to understand it.
    There was a thread about it:
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    Very true, THC can temporarily spike GABA levels which can then cause anxiety. I saw it in a study on THC-induced psychosis.
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