Thread: Have all the companies making oxycodone pills been made to make them tamper proof

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    Have all the companies making oxycodone pills been made to make them tamper proof 
    Do you know the names of any Pharmaceutical Companies that are still supplying chemists with the old style oxycodone pain relief tablets.
    Sandoz Pharma are the most recentl company to reformulate their oxycodone tablets which makes them get stuck in my throat, as they become a horrible gluggy gluey mess that sometimes takes me 20 to 30 minutes to swallow.
    I'm permanently dehydrated and pills are hard to swallow anyway. These new oxycodone pills are a nightmare to get down.
    I also think that the extra chemicals these new oxycodone pills have got in them to make them tamper proof are quite nasty.
    Since having to take these new ones I reckon they are also adversely affecting my kidneys and making my legs and feet swell up with painful fluid retention.
    I have to take opioid pain relief to alleviate chronic pain from pancreatitis.
    I don't think it's fair that people such as me are being forced to endure even more pain and discomfort because these companies have bowed to government and do-gooder pressure over some pain pill abuse.
    Sadly, lots more people have unfortunately died from overdosing after switching over to using the much more potent fentanyl and heroin because they couldn't get their normally safe known limit and supply of oxycodone tablets.
    So if you know of any Pharmaceutical Companies still trading the old style tablets for us patients in NSW, PLEASE let us know their names.

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    What's causing your dehydration? Have you tried anything to attenuate it? Even Biotene?
    I find it hard to see how your pill is becoming a "gluggy gluey mess" if you're only trying to swallow it, can you explain what's going on?
    What are you doing to treat your pancreatitis? Even diet changes help.
    I haven't looked at any data but I imagine the newer formulation would have a slightly lower cmax in exchange for a greater AUC.
    It's pretty hard to OD just from an equipotent conversion, can you reference any specific cases?
    Also which doctors are doling out diamorphine???? asking for a friend of course
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