Hi everyone, so I can say that I am a fairly familiar to psychedelic drugs, and consider myself an initiate of being a psychonaut.
I think for having more valid information, I need to tell you about my psychedelic history... so here it goes.

4 years ago I have tried shrooms for the first time with a friend of mine, I had a decent experience and it was way more insightful than I thought. I did mdma in the mean time but for about 2 years I did not do any psychedelics. So 2 years ago I tried a blotter of something(didn't have a test kit) but I judged it to be lsd!? why not. I had a good time with it.

The last year so 2017 was an intense time, so I did shrooms two more times in the last year, and did another blotter of pervati tears(good reviews,no test kit), and did the blotter in public, I had a nightmare experience, the first 2 hours I was panicking and thought everyone is seeing my face melting, than I was paranoid if the cops will get me, cuz I had weed on me, and while I was paranoid, multiple cop cars went by. The only thing I could do was surrender, so I thought in hell with everything and why the [email protected] should I care. The paranoia that everyone is seeing my face melt, connects with a psychological problem of mine that connects to my social anxiety that I had, so I just surrendered and did not give a [email protected] The police paranoia was just a general fear, but in the end I overcame both, and it had a lasting effect on me. I kicked the social anxiety out of my ass, and now am free as a bird.(in the day after, I went out in the rain like a child, it was so liberating.)

This year, I did shrooms with mdma once, 3-4ish months ago, first time that I did the two together, I was on my laptop, It was my birthday, and decided to write, so I wrote some insightful notes, that gave valuable input on my general knowledge about my psyche. (am a psychology student, so I try to self analyse)

And now, here comes the question, sorry for making it long and boring.

I am now willing to do some shrooms as a means of self healing and cleansing, as a way to revolutionize my being.
The last 3 days I experimented for the second time with lyrica, as a way of potentiating the pleasurable effects that codeine gives me. So I am addicted to codeine for a long, long time, but I can say I am truly addicted for 2 years, because the on and of years of the past dont count. I am on high doses 900mg to sometimes 2gr. My maintenance dose is 450mg.
So I thought of trying to pause and go through withdrawals to see what might happen if I do shrooms while experiencing withdrawals. I also thought of adding some modafinil to the mix, as we all know that the action on the dopaminergic and noraderenergic sites by psilocin is minimal, maybe the possible reuptake of the norepinephrine and dopamine transporter that is caused by modafinil, might make the trip a whole new experience?

So I only want to know if it is a bad idea to do psychedelics while on withdrawals and if modafinil would modify the experience?

I am thinking of tripping tomorrow, but could end up tripping today too. I have eaten a burger, so possibly today might be not an option.

Thanks for reading through, it was a brief and non detailed report of my psychedelic experience, as only now I remember that I forgot to tell you about my history with DMT, but dont want to make this any longer. So you get the point