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    It's horrible. It is absolutely horrific. I have not done it, but I've done a very similar sort of thing (DPH). DPH is essentially the similar yet different, kinda like mushrooms and acid are similar yet quite different in a sense. You are unaware that the drug is affecting you, and you become completely delusional........ similar to how someone might act in an insane asylum. Then, when you come down, you are typically baffled and horrified at the bizarre things that you did under the influence of it. Worst case scenario, you do something truly stupid and end up getting yourself into trouble. I strongly recommend not taking DPH, because it is extremely dangerous. Oh, and I didn't even take that much........ only the lower end of the "light" dose
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    dramamine was my first recreational drug at 15 or so
    do I regret it? no
    did I like it? im leaning more to "no", but kind of did like it in someway
    popped 10 of them, worse taste ever. nice feeling in my leg, walking around class and almost stumbling
    not sure what happened 2nd block, either blacked out or hallucinated, saw some fat kid in my class turn all blue eating pizza and drinking coke in reality he wasn't, woke up with no memory of what happened that class

    2nd experience nothing exciting, but I did see some shadow ghost like figure in a car. very weird experience.
    anybody who messes with deriliants is either desperate, crazy or both.

    i'm happy i just didn't dose any higher than 300mg+ and was on vyvanse on the time I took it, crazy stuff could have happened
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    Quote Originally Posted by morninggloryseed View Post
    You can buy mescaline-containing cacti at some nurseries during some parts of the year..
    No way! That's unbelievable I had absolutely no idea about that!
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