Thread: Hows the 2018 drug scene in Thailand?

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    Hows the 2018 drug scene in Thailand? 
    Just what the quesiton is asking. Im headed over there in a couple of weeks and would love to know. I live in cambodia for awhile and just recently left. However i am heading back. if anyone wants to trade some info im down. cambodia is heaven .
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    Dont buy drugs in thailand! Unless your a local who lives there and knows people, your asking for either a chance of death/jail or a big big *fine*.. its not worth it man.

    The people selling street drugs then go and tell the police. The police tip them, then bust you and a huge bribe is needed.
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    Are you crazy blazejohnny03 Thailand has some of the most harsh penalties and strict laws in the world regarding both possession of personal amount of narcotics and the death penalty for trafficking illegal drugs.

    Yeah what andyturbo said is pretty much spot on. Trying to score drugs and get high in Thailand as a visiting tourist is simply not worth the risk.

    Corruption is embedded in Thai law enforcement. Tourist hot spots like Pattaya and Patong Beach Phuket are notorious for having bent cops shake down any farang tourist dumb enough to score drugs on the street. It's important to remember that the low ranking cops patrolling the streets in Thailand earn a very low wage compared to the western tourists visiting the country so any tourist who fancies themselves handling paying off a cop if apprehended using drugs and getting high while partying the night away in the land of smiles needs to understand first thing if the cop or pair of patrolling cops are willing to take a bribe in terms of the dollar amount necessary to get the cops to overlook the offence the bribe would be the equivalent in Thai baht of a weekly salary a well paid tradesmen or professional worker like a accountant earns in Australia.

    Now you're probably thinking whats one weeks wage to get out of a long prison term in a Thai hell hole of a prison. It isn't too much to pay at all but as a white western you are seen by Thai cops as either a cash cow or worst yet a arrogant foreigner with no respect for Thai authority and the cops can take the moral high ground refusing to take a bribe and arrest you. Thai law enforcement loves parading a westerner alleged to have been found with narcotics in front of local media.

    In countries like Thailand only hard-core organized crime gangsta's and local rich kids get away with using illegal drugs for recreational enjoyment. Simply because these two groups can afford to pay the bribe to any members of the local police force if they are caught in possession or using illegal drugs. Some western ex-pats living long term in Thailand believe they can get away with using drugs because they have the contacts in the local population to score without bringing attention to themselves but just like every so often a westerner is caught at BKK international airport with drugs hidden in their luggage sometimes a ex-pat luck runs out and they get busted.

    Everyone else in Thailand who chooses to use drugs and is not wealthy enough to pay their way out of it runs the risk of long jail sentances for simple possession of personal amounts of narcotics.

    Basically jails in Thailand are full of poor people who have drug addictions and/or poor people who have to steal or rob to eat.

    Another thing to bear in mind if you are visiting Thailand or any other nation in South East Asia most of those countries use swab test of sweat in bar/nightclub raids to detect users under the influence of narcotics and also in airports randomly analyse air travellers hair to test for past drug use.

    So the risks are very real blazejohnny03 .
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