Thread: ive been to cambodia many times. ask me anything

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    ive been to cambodia many times. ask me anything 
    I ve been to cambodia quite frequently over the years. Last time was a couple of months ago. Shouldve gone to thailand but im saving that for my next trip. Ill be glad to answer some question you people might have. So lets trade some info. Whats thailand's scene like? really want to try some yaba. how is it?
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    Why do you want to try yaba? Unless I'm missing some crucial info, there's plenty of meth getting around in every part of Aus now. I had to babysit some fools on fucking yaba while in Indonesia. I wanted to break a bottle on them to get them to stop and go to sleep.

    Also, what do you like about Cambodia? I thought the people were suprisingly honest and all around good hearted.
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    Fucking that, OP. Let me get some meff bound with caffeine in a pill I can't do anything with other than eat...
    A redbull or two can be nice on amphetamines, but having caffeine mixed in with your amphetamines is shithouse.

    I can't blame you for wanting to knock them out halif.
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