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    Life Changing LSD Trip (Trip Report) 
    Age: 20
    Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Setting: My home
    Set: Not in a very happy place in life, going through heavy family issues and other drug problems. I turned to LSD mainly out of curiosity, but also hoping to find something good out of it.
    Previous drug experiences: I had done many drugs but they were mainly downers and stims (ex: meth and heroin). I had never done a psychedelic HOWEVER I had done a dissociative, DXM. This was my first time trying LSD.
    Dosage: 220 ug + cannabis

    10:00 PM: I take the LSD tab and leave it under my tongue. I did NOT use a test kit (terrible idea by me I know) although a friend of mine had previously tried it from the same batch and said it was very good plus the vendor the substance was acquired from was very reputable and had many sales, I had taken it anyway. Tasted tasteless.

    10:45 PM: The tab was quite thick compared to other tabs I had seen, so I decided to swallow it at this point.

    11:00 PM: I begin to feel slightly happy and euphoric. I start to giggle and laugh at things I normally wouldn't laugh at. No visuals at this point

    11:15 PM: I start to feel this growing euphoria on my skin, it felt as if my skin was having this "electrocuted" feeling, however in a pleasant way if that makes sense lol. It was SOMEWHAT similar to a meth body high at this point, although a lot less of a gross feeling.

    11:30 PM: I start to see very subtle patterns on my wall. I had a hard time telling if it was real or just a placebo, so I remain patient on my computer playing some games.

    11:50 PM: I turn around and holy shit, visuals are full on. There was a chair with some clothes and a backpack in the centre of the room, and it begins to look like an UNEXPLAINABLE abstract being. It begins slowly moving as well. In the corner of the room it appears there is a slender transparent figure that is walking but remaining stationary, like walking on a treadmill. This scares me, a lot. With DXM, I was used to closing my eyes then looking and seeing the visual to be gone or AT LEAST change. I close my eyes and try turning around, the visuals were still there. I try to make the creatures "flinch" (lol), they were still there. I started to get VERY scared. The chair looking creature was the most apparent one. It starts giving me a very sinister smile, I stare into its eyes and my peripheral vision starts to get full of abstract patters, I turn around quickly with fear and put my head down on my desk. I didn't know what to do I was thinking about trying to sleep this experience off.

    *times may start becoming less accurate from here on out due to the trip ramping up*

    12:00 AM: I decide that I will not leave this trip. I had a strong feeling these creatures had answers, so I turn around; the creature is still there, and it is smiling at me. I cannot use language to describe its appearance, but I'll try: It looked like a hunched over "animal", with white eyes and sharp teeth with a smile. Terrible description I know, but it was so abstract. Anyhow, I turn around and it's there smiling at me. I stare into its eyes. Its eyes grow and my peripheral vision starts to get full of those patterns again. It got to the point where I could not see anything else but the creature and these patterns. The creature begins to move more intensely in odd patterns. I keep staring, until...

    12:05 AM: For 5-ish minutes I stared the creature down, then I broke the stare. All of a sudden the fear was gone. The creatures though some looked disturbing, I had no fear. I started to feel as if I had entered their domain, their world. I either had to accept them for what they were and what they were trying to show me, or else they would punish me (bad trip lol). I look around, starting to admire the creatures. They looked beautiful. They looked real, MORE real than real. I loved it.

    1:30 AM: After looking around and talking to some friends and telling them about the trip, I start to think about many things. I think about my life issues and drug problems. I start connecting my thoughts and past memories.

    2:30 AM: My friends all went to bed and left the call. It is just me now. I turn around, that creature is still there, smiling at me. I hear a voice tell me "go outside", I assumed it was the creature speaking to me. I look outside through my curtains, and I saw nothing but blackness (normally there's a streetlight nearby). This scared me. I tell the creature "I don't wanna go outside it's scary". It simply repeats "go outside". Keep in mind I'm talking to a chair rofl in a sober person's eyes I look like a madman speaking to a still chair.

    3:00 AM: I start to wanting to go outside, as the creature is really convincing me. I start wanting to leave the trip. I thought "I stared into its eyes to get into this world, what if I stare to go back to my normal world?" I stare again, my vision gets full again like before. It didn't work, I was still in this "Alice in Wonderland" type of world. The creature again repeats "go outside". I finally succumbed and put on a jacket and went out with some weed and my pipe.

    3:20 AM: I don't know why it took so long but it took 20 minutes for me to get outside lol. This is where the beauty starts. I smoke, then start walking. The clear skies made the stars and moon stand out, there were slight clouds and they just looked beautiful. The bushes and trees looked angelic. I walk down the street and holy fuck, it was soul touching. The small amount of clouds begin to look like my problems, as if I were seeing them in real time. The bushes looked like they were waving at me, the trees looked like they were waving at me. The whole universe looked it had eyes and it they were wall watching me. It felt as if this whole time, I was being watched. But I was letting them down. I was letting them down by not doing trying hard in life and doing hard terrible drugs. I almost started to cry because of how beautiful it was. I saw some bunnies and they began running away, I thought they were angels lol. It all just looked so beautiful, SURELY one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. It felt like I had finally reunified with myself, my previous real self. Drugs rob us of our identities, especially hard drugs with frequent use. For 2 years, I lived to get high. I saw no other purpose in life. Sure I went to school and did what I had to do, but my purpose was to get high. I just waited to get fucked up. I had lose interest in other hobbies I liked before. You can imagine this like an ocean, with ice on top that's 3 km thick. The ocean is my previous self, and the ice are drugs. My previous self is buried in so much thoughts about drugs, it's like who I had become. The LSD came by and COMPLETELY smashed and obliterated the ice, it made the ocean visible again. It felt like I was finally seeing who I was, and I realized how much I actually miss myself. It gave me a 3rd person perceptive on my thoughts, it made me realize how precious time and life are, and how I have been wasting SO much time. It made me realize there is so much love to this world and how there is so much beauty to be had in this life, I just loved every second of it I can't describe it.

    4:30-4:45 AM: I come back inside after the walk, smoke a bowl and start changing into sleeping clothes. The abstract creature is still there, smiling at me. I get up and hug it, saying "thank you thank you thank you" (again, a crazy guy hugging his chair lol).

    5:30-6:00 AM: I go to bed and try to sleep. I smoke another bowl to continue to sedate me to sleep, as LSD seemed to be somewhat stimulating. I manage to sleep finally with no dreams.

    10:50 AM: I wake up feeling a powerful afterglow. I have breakfast, come down and go on my computer. I look behind me again, only to realize I still manage to make up that same creature again. It's smiling at me. I smile back, and push the chair aside and say "until next time".

    All in all, LSD made me realize how I have been wasting so much time. It made me finally unify with myself after so much time. It was absolutely beautiful, first time I had done a drug with 0 shame, only joy. Truly a life impacting experience.
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    man, that was a great trip report

    i felt like a was riding along with you.
    you described the experience so well. reminds me of my first experiences with LSD, which was my first psychedelic too.
    sounds like you had a real nice trip, which i think is something special, especially when it's a new experience.

    i'm glad you found it got you thinking about where your life is at as well, which for me is the real benefit of tripping every once in a while - it "blows out the cobwebs" in your mind, and often sends you into deep introspective self-analysis, which can be really good for you. like any other drugs, most (probably all) psychedelics lose their 'magic' if you use them too often - but there's nothing like that clarity of thought you get on a good acid trip.

    thanks for sharing this with us
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    I really liked your story, thanks for sharing.

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