Thread: MDMA, Alcohol, and adderall. Need advice

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    MDMA, Alcohol, and adderall. Need advice 
    Ok so next weekend is my prom and I'm going to be taking about 200mg of molly from 7-9pm. During the comedown I plan on drinking rum and depending on how tired I get I might do adderral. I've taken molly and gotten drunk before and it was fine because I stayed very hydrated. Is it unsafe to mix alcohol and molly with adderall in just one night? Keep in mind this would just be a one time thing and I would be taking many vitamin supplements and staying very hydrated. Just looking for others thoughts on this, thanks.

    Also if you were wondering my MDMA source is pure and is tested.
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    I have never really enjoyed alcohol after taking MDMA, for me it has always been nicer to end the night with an average dose of benzodiazepines and marijuana, but each one is different.

    Amphetamines after MDMA is not a good idea, honestly. It is possible that you take your brain too far. Amphetamine for me lasts around 10h and a trip of 200mg of MDMA is exhausting. If you want to drink alcohol to reduce the stimulation of MDMA it will help you to descend gently, but do not overdo it, with 3 or 4 beers would be enough.

    Forget about Adderall, it's not a good idea at all.

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    Ok, the short answer is NO!

    Not only is mixing Ecstasy and alcohol together extremely dangerous, adding Adderall into the mix is a whole different story. Mixing two intense drugs together, or "polysubstance abuse", can increase the negative side effects and even have the chance of a dangerous interaction between the drugs.

    Adderall is a central nervous system stimulate. When you take it, it's going to stimulate the chemicals in your brain to make you feel more alert. Alcohol on the other hand, is a nervous system depressant. Meaning it does the opposite of what Adderall does. So, you probably won't feel anything if you do it. In addition, mixing substances that are polar in effect, that is mixing uppers with downers, can be dangerous to your body. Imagine driving 70 mph on the highway and putting your car in reverse. Not good.

    As far as interaction between Adderall and Molly, I'm not sure. I would be more concerned with you overstimulating your brain leading to brain damage since both of the drugs have stimulation effects.

    If you're going to do drugs regardless, I highly recommend you do one or the other. Either have Adderall or have Ecstasy. Not both.

    P.S., I didn't mean this to sound like a scorn, I just wanted to answer your question to the best of my ability so you can have the best night possible!

    Have fun, and be safe!

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    I gave a friend 10mg of my ritalin and he told me he drank like a fish (alchohol) with no problems.
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    Yah, this sound like a bad idea. Like DocLad said, MDMA roll is very draining for the body, and when you comedown after 5 hours you should call it a night.

    What you could do though to remain on the safe side, is take less MDMA (120-140mg) and add a low dose of speed into the mix (50-60mg).

    My one time experience with MDMA+Alcohol is that it makes the roll more self centered and less emphatic. I do not recommend, it takes out of the magic and honestly the alcohol overpowers the MDMA, and at higher intoxications of alcohol and MDxx it could give you Abnormal Heart Rhythms (Arrhythmias).

    I did a bunch of dangerous combinations in my past (MDA+Shrooms+Meth+LSD for instance), I've known what it's like to have your heart beat monitored by the paramedics and be on the edge of going to the Hospital. I regret it and believe me, you do not want to damage your heart or experience trauma.

    CharlieXMed's advice is good, it's always better to avoid combinations of drugs that have opposite or stacking effects. For more info, take a look at the dangerous drug combi megathread :
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