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    Need advice on plugging or snorting 
    Okay so I have taken mdma several times by ingestion of a pill or capsule and every time i've gotten nausea and usually end up throwing up. I've tried antiacids like tums, dramamine, ginger, eating a healthy meal that day, not eating at all. I've also taken lower doses, but I still get nausea and the roll isn't as strong. Basically I've tried to whole shebang except plugging or snorting. I don't mind the shorter duration so I might try snorting, but based on all the negative things I've heard about snorting I am still unsure. As for plugging i've done a little bit of research and don't think i want to use the syringe method even though it supposed to be the best. I take my pills at the concert so I rather not sneak in a syringe with me. My friend is the one who prepares the capsules by crushing the crystal straight off the rock itself so can i just shove a capsule up there and still get the effects?
    Also how is snorting mdma compared to coke? I'm mainly concerned about the burn, i'm used to snorting coke without much burning, but is it worse with mdma?
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    The problem of sniffing MDMA is the large amount of dust needed, it is too much and the pain is intense and sharp. MDMA simply has not worked for me in this way, it does not feel the same as through other administration routes, it's faster and you do not feel the warm feeling of loving everything. Not worth it.

    On the other hand, plugging it in is the best ROA except for the needles. It is not necessary to use a plunger with a liquid solution, you can also insert a gel capsule with MDMA inside the rectum. I have never used the capsule but maybe someone can give you some advice later.

    A good option to take MDMA orally and reduce nausea is to take Ondansetron, I have never tried it but many people say it is very effective.

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