Thread: md crystal and DMT (Have used DMT many times) Holding on for dear life.

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    md crystal and DMT (Have used DMT many times) Holding on for dear life. 
    So a couple weeks ago I obtained some md caps which to be honest I was not sure what to expect. @9pm I took a very small amount of the md crystal and after 3 hours it kicked in??
    So it's 12 o'clock and I feel a bit warm n lovey but it didnt feel like enough Anyway I figured I'd have some DMT so I didn't feel left out as everyone else was really loving the md. At 12:30 I shared a point of DMT with a friend. Ironically my friend didn't feel much I had 1 toke and I was breakthrough and so far gone I could barelyy see reality and certainly fet as though I was up on top of a very big patterned building/something this is where it's hard to explain. Approx 20-30 after that 1 toke I was still grappling a friend so I wouldn't fall off this very big thing. I kept holding my breath but eventually felt it was a good idea to breath. As I breathed out I felt like it was rainbow cloud I ran my fingers through it and was in awe.
    1.50 By now I was back. It was the most intense DMT trip ever The other thing to note I had the second toke from my friends hit. Only 1 toke. I find that the strangest part of it all. Overall it was a good time with a light scare (first time I have needed a trip sitter.) Peace all.

    BTW this pipe had been used for DMT a few times...Maybe it didn't vape right those times???
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