Thread: How often can you use CBD oil and weed together?

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    How often can you use CBD oil and weed together? 
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    Every once in awhile I take a small amount of CBD oil concentrate. What I've noticed is if I smoke too soon after swallowing the oil the high deteriorates a lot faster but if I wait 6-8 hours after the oral consumption I've gotten wayyyy higher then usual.

    The mango an hour before is a one time trick. Certain other compounds will completely erase your tolerance and keep it down for awhile, regardless of prior pattern of use. Yesterday I smoked four times. The first time was three hours after eating 1.5 t-spoon of CBD and the high was really strong for like 15 minutes then it completely went away and it was like I didn't even smoke. I felt unusually sober after for having smoked that day. It was weird. I'm guessing that has to do with the anti-high nature of CBD. The second time was a profound mind-fuck with a peak duration of well over two hours. It felt like I smoked for the first time in many days or weeks. It was powerful, like square one, retarded stoned newbie status. The last two smoke sessions just made me feel more burnt out and tired. After the second session it was hard to tell when one high ended and another began.

    How often can you use CBD and smoke? CBD oil makes you feel and think entirely different then what THC does. Obviously all strains have both compounds, but is it safe to use CBD oil regularly to keep the amount of flower I use per sesh down? Does using one compound lower tolerance to the other opposite compound over time, or does using both regularly build tolerance to both, if that makes sense?
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    Interesting! Thanks for starting the discussion on CBD/THC interactions. So far I?ve found that mixing the two compounds produces an enduring high without a defined peak, but I haven?t been mixing herb with pure CBD oil, just a 30%THC 70%CBD wax.
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    My husband takes approximately 190 milligrams of CBD oil every late afternoon for cancer. He waits about 5 hours to take the edible (THC) for sleep. He has been doing this for 3 years now I think. His THC tolerance has continued to climb. (If I took as much as he is taking I would be flat on the floor for days!) He said that he tries to take the CBD earlier because he has noticed that it seems to interfere with the sedative quality he is trying to get from the THC. Of course we have no way of knowing really whether he is developing a tolerance to the CBD--he has been taking the same amount and the cancer is staying at the same (somewhat) manageable level--in other words it is not progressing.
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    my CMMPR Dr said CBD is a THC "pacemaker"... I had the same issue, i barely got fried in the beginning. Considering oils last a lot longer vs inhaled you might wanna try mixing some cbd strain in with your norm strain and try that. I wasn't getting the amount of sedation so i mixed 50/50 Island Skunk CBD and some Pink Kush, it worked a lot better..I ALWAYS have a good CBD strain to mix if i feel like it or to offer to lightweight friends who don't wanna get hit my a MAC truck, lmao
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