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    Still feeling very out of it 
    Hi everyone,

    I understand that there are many many many posts of people making posts about their dreadful comedown after taking too much MD, however this feels a lot different than my comedowns before and I don't know where else to turn.

    Essentially, I'm a decently regular MDMA user. I started about 2 years ago. Back when I began, I was a bit immature about my usage and would sometimes do it 2-3 times a month. The dosage often varied quite largely from being about 200mg to 500mg (probably doing 800mg over a 8 hour period at my worst). However, I slowed down a lot these past 12 months. Maybe doing it every 2 months. Even longer recently, giving myself a 3 month break before last weekend.

    Now for the actual situation. So last weekend, I had a rave I'd saved my drop 3 months for. I began by eating 200mg, and then redosed a total of three times (100mg ea time) over the night. When I got back home, I snorted another 50mg.

    After that, I smoked weed for another 6 or so hours with some mates (probably about 8-9g of weed between 3 of us). Also did a lot of nangs (nitrous). Did about 15 to myself over 6-7 hours.

    Now my comedown has been different from usual. I often just get depressed and anxious for a few days and it passes. This time however, I felt okay-ish the next day, and then as per usual, the anxiety and depression came just as expected. However, after that passed with time, I started feeling different.

    I feel a lot dumber. And there's this feeling as if I'm still on MD. Every few minutes, it's like my mind will click and I'll feel a weird MD-like feeling for a second. I'm not depressed or anxious or anything anymore however I feel like I've permanently become more stupid and the feeling of MD hasn't really left.

    It's really fucking with me because I can't concentrate as well as I could, and I'm in a field that requires me to be 100%. I've taken 5-HTP these past few days but I dont see any benefits.

    My comedown has never felt like this and I'm scared. I'm sorry for the essay, but if anyone has any insights, please let me know.
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    I think you just pushed your mind to the limit and it is going to take you a little longer than a week to bounce back mate. Believe me I have had weekends like yours doing every drug under the sun in ridiculous amounts too, but can honestly say that personally I have always recovered. That click back into MD headspace you describe sounds like a flashback. I've exoerienced this phenomenin with MDMA as well as LSD. Those also get better with time. Time is your biggest obstacle here.

    I don't know enough about 5-HTP to know how big of a difference it will make in your overall recovery time. No personal experience with it, but make sure you're eating good. People get sick of hearing this but it is actually so important man. Fruits and vegetables. Meditation. Water. You know, get back to your roots. The basics. Try not to dwell too much on your current situation.

    Been through a lot of drug hangovers bro, and can honestly tell you that I have recovered from all of them. Don't think for a second you have permanently altered the chemical make up of your brain because all that is going to do is scare you. Stay away from these drugs until you are feeling back to your old self. Much love.
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